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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on I’m Not A Vampire, I Just Suck My Thumb

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I’m flying in with another edition of Kindle App Random Robin.  This time I take a look at the children’s book “I’m Not A Vampire, I Just Suck My Thumb”.

I’m Not A Vampire, I Just Suck My Thumb
by Ryan Ashely Rector and
Clarence A. Rector

Blurb: A quirky tale written by a father and daughter about a little girl named Ashley, who has a favorite hobby and sidekick – sucking her thumb. But when her favorite pastime starts causing weird things to happen, like growing monster teeth and moving her bed in her sleep – Ashley begins to wonder.   Could her favorite sidekick be a foe in disguise turning her into a vampire? Can she find the strength to reverse the signs in time? Join young Ashley on journey of courage and determination.

Note: I was informed by one of the authors that there is an updated version of the book trailer, so I will be swapping out the original link and replacing it with the updated one (January 10th).

The book aims to address how to get a young child to stop sucking his/her thumb.  In the story, Ashley has very weird uncomfortable things happen to her that relate to her thumb sucking.  The overall message in this work is to utilize will power: if you believe in yourself, the thumb sucking will cease.

This book is very well illustrated.  There are very vivid depictions of emotions from Ashley, such as fear, dismay, and joy.

I find myself feeling slightly torn by this particular children’s read.

I wouldn’t recommend it to young children who are highly impressionable and/or who are prone to bad dreams.  The beginning sketch with the sun grabbing Ashley and when Ashley’s teeth begin to change may not seem fully appealing.

For the child who is amused by unorthodox means (non-conventional) or wants a story different from the fairy tale like, straightforward educational approach, this story could get some takers.

Verdict:  I award I’m Not a Vampire, I Just Suck My Thumb a 7.5 out of 10 stars from The Review Board.


I really applaud the goal and what this father/daughter writer duo was trying to do.  However, only the parent truly knows how mature his or her child is as to whether they will be able to enjoy this story.

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2 comments on “KARR: Unleashed Speaks on I’m Not A Vampire, I Just Suck My Thumb

  1. Clarence
    January 9, 2014

    Thanks for your honest critique of our book. It’s been a battle of striking a delicate balance of not scaring kids while trying to encourage them to stop sucking their thumbs.

    Would love love love if you’re able to review our other book,

  2. Clarence
    January 9, 2014

    Here’s an updated book trailer!

    Thanks again!!

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