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Controversial Prism Unleashed on The Dr. Pepper Prophecies


The Dr. Pepper Prophecies by Jennifer Gilby Roberts
Amazon | Amazon Author Page

Greetings!  No Labels here!

For the first time ever, The Review Board is experiencing Triple Vision. No, we don’t need to get our eyes checked; it is just that three people will be sharing their insights on a book.  The overall TRB stars will be adding up the points and dividing by 3.

Starting off our Triple Vision will be our very own, Mr. Controversy!





*If there is No Mention of Dr. Pepper in this story as far as drinking the carbonated beverage (that I LOVE, By The Way) or employment within their halls, I will be VERY Disappointed…*

Melanie Caroline Parker is the focus of “The Dr. Pepper Prophecies”, who discovers something alarming and surprising while returning to her native London, England (have I ever mentioned that I LOVE English Writes? I damn sure do!). Racing through her mind is a multitude of thoughts and emotions, and we are NOT EVEN off of page four!! Let alone if the alarming revelation is confirmed!


Melanie is a young lady who has looked down the hall of Luckless Love, a dead end job, a sweet tooth that rivals my own, and is trying to make sense of her life. It doesn’t help when she has a dick of a Supervisor on her ass (HONESTLY: How many of us BEEN THERE?).

I REALLY want to say something after that last sentence, but what good would it do you all if I ruined THAT Part?

Her best friend Will and flat mate (roommate) Beth are her support system, for they are very honest as well as encouraging of our protagonist. They help her stay in line, and she heeds their words and advisements.


Will and Melanie have a “When Harry Met Sally” type of feel to it, esp. with Melanie wishing that she could find a guy like Will.




HELLO?!! McFly?!!



Doing a bit of Soul Searching (and a little help from a VERY Popular song), our friend Melanie has stumbled upon her “very first epiphany”. Where it’ll take her? Only time will tell.

A line stuck out in this read: “There are too many hills in my life,” which is spoken by Melanie. It is a very eye opening metaphor that describes us all. If there is ANYONE who says, “THAT LINE DOESN’T DESCRIBE ME!” you WILL be called out by me.


SERIOUSLY: Think about that line, and You Will Get It.

This story is told in the First Person format; a style that is a personal favorite of mine, for it gives me the character’s eyes during the read.


A generous amount of humour keeps the story moving forward, as does the dramatics to which Ms. Parker is so very accustomed.


As with other stories written by my mates from Across the Pond, the spelling of certain words can be misleading. Keep in mind that this is European English not American English, ere go their spelling of certain words is indeed accurate. As I have said before (a few times), their spelling tickles me.

SURVEY SAYS:  I give this an 8.5/10 TRB Stars.

“The Dr. Pepper Prophecies” will have you smirking, and reveal things about the shortness of Life, and what one can do in such a constrained time frame. Pick it up, and enjoy!


Thanks for that, Mr. C.  Drum roll please….


Making her TRB debut, I present to you our newest member, Casey Prism.


Prism Ponders:

Melanie Parker’s down on her luck. Really down. Her new boss-now her ex-boyfriend-is making her life absolutely miserable. Unhappy with everything, feeling like she needs a change, she begins by focusing on helping others. Gulp!

Enter Melanie’s poor roommate, Beth. Melanie sets Beth up on one horrific blind date after another in Melanie’s quest to find Beth companionship.

And Cynthia. Melanie’s late-blooming co-worker. When Cynthia’s over-controlling mom passes away, Melanie helps Cynthia out of her shell…maybe a little too much.

And then there’s Will. Will is Melanie’s best friend since childhood. Nobody gets Melanie the way Will does. Nobody cares for her in quite the same way. Melanie’s family often stresses her out, but Will is always there to pick her up. Even though she and Will’s girlfriend don’t get along, they’re still closer than peas in a pod.

Casey Prism awards this a 8 out of 10 TRB Stars.

I enjoyed a lot of things about this story. There’s a strong plot, and with few errors, it was an easy read, with funny characters that kept me entertained. The opening line referencing ‘When Harry met Sally’ sets the stage from the beginning, so right away you anticipate that the bond between Melanie and Will growing. Overall an enjoyable, feel good read.

When lines between Melanie and Will become blurred, neither of them takes it easily. Will they’re friendship withstand these new emotions? Will something come of it? Or will they lose the best-friend they’ve ever had forever?

There’s only one way to know for sure. Check out The Dr Pepper Prophecies.

Last but not least, The Unleashed One.


Unleashed Speaks:

First let us take a good look at this cover….


Confession: I am a fan of Dr. Pepper.  In fact, it is one of my favorite sodas.  I love it as much as the main character in this book (Mel) loves chocolate.

So I am looking at this cover and thrown off to see a Coca-Cola can next to the oxford.  Then, I see the bow and arrow (very Cupid-esque feel), so I’m thinking the person on the cover is a love doctor of sorts, and that the love doctor’s name is Dr. Pepper.

Then, I delve into the work and find out there’s no Dr. Pepper (drink or doctor) in the narrative at all, but a play off one of Dr. Pepper’s old commercials.

It’s a cute cover, but left me confused.  Perhaps the material itself would wipe away my confused expression.

At least One Dr. Pepper will be consumed during the writing of this review.

Imagine there’s this person you’ve grown up with practically your entire life.  The two of you are friends and are always there for each other-through triumphs and through heartache.  Along the way, you begin viewing each other as something more.  This is the comedic journey to get to the finish line.


1.  Hook: The hook was very engaging and made me want to continue reading.

2.  Conflict: There was quite a bit of conflict in this work.  It bordered on being a little too much (see in Opportunities).

3.  Resolution: Although a part of me wanted to see the ending go another way (see in Opportunities), it would not have fit the climate of a romantic comedy.

4.  Grammar and spelling: Little or no errors spotted.

5.  Comedic situations:  Some of Melanie’s situations really made me laugh out loud.


1.  Cover Concept:  One opportunity I already commented on was the cover concept. Although I love the colors in the cover, the title as well as some of the visuals could leave one confused in terms of the blurb and the content.  Since there was such a love for chocolate, I would have preferred the title had something to do with chocolate.  Plus, depending on who is reading the Dr. Pepper footnote, he/she may not have any clue what the author is talking about.

2.  Movie and Book References (Comedic Dialogue):  I feel like in some parts, the author relied on too many Movie and Book References to bring out the comedy (in terms of dialogue).  It assumes that the audience is familiar with titles like The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, When Harry Met Sally, and the like. Luckily, I was familiar with these titles and was able to get the gist of the humor in these circumstances.

However, just because the audience may be familiar with the titles, doesn’t mean they are familiar with the content.  You may have people who aren’t familiar with these titles at all, so for them, the humor may fall flat, or they may not even pick up that it was funny.

3.  Main Character Dynamic:  I really enjoyed Mel in the prequel, Wedding Hells.  I really felt her pain–being the daughter who didn’t marry first, and her father wanting to mold her into a set formula: finding a good man, settling down, and being a mother, throwing away aspirations of furthering her education or a career.  The prequel takes place four years before The Dr. Pepper Prophecies.

I hoped the same enjoyment of Mel would continue in The Dr. Pepper Prophecies.  Unfortunately, as the story progressed, my empathy and sympathy of Mel began to deteriorate into annoyance and outrage.

There were situations where Mel should have butted out, like playing matchmaker for her roommate, Beth.  Just because a guy wasn’t in line with her standards didn’t necessarily mean the guy was all wrong for her roommate.

There were other situations where Mel should have been more active. One example was when her co-worker’s switch in behavior (after her mother’s death) started becoming very risky and borderline destructive.

I felt like Mel had no business interfering in others’ love lives when it took an eternity (and insight from other people) to get her love life in order.  It was very hard for me to cheer her on in her adventures, including her pursuit of Will.

Will was my favorite character.  He had all of the characteristics of understanding, patience, and longevity.  I found him absolutely lovable.  I wouldn’t mind reading a story about him and what he emotionally had to go through while dealing with all of Mel’s adventures as well as his own conflicts with his girlfriend.

4.  Borderline over saturation of Conflict:  Although the conflict (along with the comedy) kept The Dr. Pepper Prophecies going, it was very close to being a bit much, due to the fact there were so many different story lines taking place:

A.  Mel’s run-in’s with her boss/former lover
B.  Beth’s love life
C.  Mel’s jealousy of her sister’s life
D.  Mel’s turmoil with her father
E.  Her co-worker’s path to finding herself after her mom died (Mel’s involvement)
F.  Mel’s search for a new job (interview episodes)
G. Will’s dream of graphic website development
H. Will’s relationship with his girlfriend
I. Mel trying to sort out her feelings for Will

It was a lot to keep up with.  I have no qualms with the presence of side stories, but the side stories can’t threaten to take over the main focus, which is the chemistry between Mel and Will.

5. Pacing of Mel’s indecision: I felt like this component was drawn out a bit too long, especially towards the end where Will’s interaction with her made it apparent he was seeking more, yet she was shooting him down.  There were points where I just wanted the light bulb to come on for Mel a bit quicker as to his interest.

The biggest debate:  Did the comedic moments outweigh my aggravation with the main character?  

After much deliberation, I concluded it did not because my dismay with her took the starch out of my overall enjoyment of the book.

Based on this, I award The Dr. Pepper Prophecies a tepid 7 out of 10 TRB stars.

All righty!  Now that everyone has spoken, let’s add those stars (total 23.5) and divide them by 3, which averages about 7.83.  Well, to make it simple, let’s round on up:

Source: familyfeud

Source: familyfeud

Overall, The Review Board gives The Dr. Pepper Prophecies 8 out of 10 Stars.


Thank you for tuning in to the first Triple Vision review on The Review Board.  We are fans of likes, shares, subscribes, and comments.  Have a wonderful day and a glorious upcoming New Year!



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