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Mr. Controversy Sits Down with “Transition” by Megan S. Johnston

Greetings!  No Labels here!  Just before The Review Board simmers down for the holidays, Mr. Controversy would like to present his thoughts on “Transition: The Chimera Hunters Series” by Megan S. Johnston.  Mr. Controversy, you have the floor!


Mr. Controversy Sits Down with “Transition: The Chimera Hunters Series” by Megan S. Johnston


Transition: The Chimera Hunters Series
Megan S. Johnston

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“Transition” is an interesting story written by Megan S. Johnston that revolves around a premise reminiscent of the movies “Hancock” as well as tinges of “Avatar” and the short-lived TV show “Animorphs”.

I say “Hancock” due to it referencing Soul Mates (Sodalis in this story) and the search for them, while I say “Avatar” for it deals with Humans and a species that is not (quite) Human.

I then say “Animorphs” due to having the Chimera Species go from a Metahuman(?) form to an Animal Form (I say Shape Shifters, yet Ms. Johnston gives their metamorphosis the titular description).

The story examines Shelby, a young lady who hopes for a Happily Ever After with a Mystery Man who keeps her company during her dreams.She and her friend Jen decide to have a girl’s outing/vacation, and happened upon a young man (who happens to be a Chimera) named Stephen.

Stephen’s Chimera brother, Develon (who is also examined in this tale), is less than pleased dealing with Humans on any scale (In My Honest Opinion). While speaking with Stephen, Develon makes a surprising discovery Shelby. Upon this discovery, his Chimera Instincts are put to the Ultimate Test.


This story (PDF wise) is 256 pages long; a good amount of length for any reader. In this World of quick reads and quicker people, this can be easily overlooked due to the eye-catching abilities of this writing.

The premise is intriguing, and will keep a reader hooked: wondering if Instincts will triumph over Emotions. With vivid descriptions of surroundings, bodies, and characters help me visualize the aforementioned items in the story; helping me be the proverbial fly on the wall and witnessing everything unfold.I can honestly see this story play out on a screen (dependent on Ms. Johnston’s vision, it would be a Big or Small screen).

Ms. Johnston did her homework on many of the complicated words (Theriantrophy, Sodalis, Ajňa; clearly indicating that she is quite interested in Chakra, Hinduism, Latin, and things in that area and direction), and has utilized them fully as well as effectively in order to deliver an impressive story.

There is VERY LITTLE flaw in the grammar dept., and the story progresses smoothly for my taste.

Source: familyfeud

Source: familyfeud

Survey Says:  “Transition” gets 9 out of 10 TRB Stars.


“Transition” is certainly one of those Romantic Dramas that will give a person A LOT to think about in the realm of seeking their Soul Mate, and how to handle the discovery of said Soul Mate. I can see myself reading this book multiple times due to the fact (in my opinion) that it gets more and more interesting as I continue to read.Despite a slow start, “Transition” certainly has warmed up to as well as sped up for me at JUST the right moments.

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