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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on Wedding Hells

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In the latest edition of Kindle App Random Robin, I share my thoughts on Wedding Hells, by Jennifer Gilby Roberts.  This short story can serve as a stand-alone but it is the prequel to The Dr. Pepper Prophecies, which I will be covering in an upcoming review.

Wedding Hells by Jennifer Gilby Roberts
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Wedding Hells covers what happens when Melanie Parker attends and is part of her sister’s wedding ceremony. I read this as a standalone story but it also serves as a prequel to an upcoming review I’m doing on The Dr. Pepper Prophecies (which takes place four years after the wedding).

I found this to be a very delightful read.

I could relate to Mel’s plight in regards to the cut and fit of the wedding dresses and not really fitting in with the other bridesmaids. I also identified with the question in regards to “getting a man” and “getting married”, since I didn’t get married until years later than what was “expected” from certain members of my family. Like Mel, I wanted to focus on education and my career, while Mel’s family-her father in particular-believe it’s more important for a woman to find a good man and just settle down, abandoning her own aspirations.

For me, one of the funniest parts of the book involves the serving of the meal.  One would expect food that is a bit filling and satisfying to the palate during a wedding.  However, that proved to not be the case, which would have made a trying day more bearable for Mel and the other attendants.  (That’s all I will say without giving too much away)

Survey Says:  I give Wedding Hells 8.5 out of 10 stars.


I recommend this short burst of comedic, yet slightly predictable chick lit humor. One will have to check my upcoming review on The Dr. Pepper Prophecies to see if my perception and sympathy for Mel’s plight changes.

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