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Truth Unleashed on From Hurt to Happiness

hurttohappinessFrom Hurt to Happiness: Emotional Rescue From The Ground Up
Mike Van

Greetings!  No Labels here!

For the first time, The Review Board has been asked to share our thoughts on an advice book.  You will hear my views momentarily, but first, let me give you the Truth.  Mini Truth, that is.


Truthful Takes:

This book is a great read for someone who is battling with themselves and feeling unloved or like they are unable to love. Those however are not the only elements covered in this book. The author covers topics such as:

The inability to love oneself
The inability to feel loved by others
Stressors that can cause your partner to feel unloved
Bad communication
Differences in communication
And much much more.

I was actual taken during the periods that the author utilized his life experiences in order to relay his message. I felt for him when he spoke of:

Being bullied
His parents and their interpretation of love
Of having been a Vietnam refugee newly arrived to Australia
The stressors of bad communication between he and his family and how they impacted his potential relationships

I found that there were many great points to this book. Things that could be useful to many people. Not only the ones struggling with these things, but those of us who need a little reminder. Sometimes we have the ability to express ourselves and demonstrate proper love for our partners, but he/she doesn’t and cannot. So this would be a great book to read with your partner.

The authors was very clear in his explanation of how a traumatic past can inhibit a persons ability to demonstrate their emotions and how this can easily form a cycle. He also did a great job of showing the reader how not to be insistent and how to try and learn your partners form of expression and their love language.

There were a few things that I thought could have improved the book. There were increments in which the author seemed a little preachy and there was quite a bit of repetition. I think that if some of the repetition was minimized (most of if was apparent more towards the end) and the author incorporated more of his life experiences, this may have made the book a little more personable. Like a one on one lesson with the reader, as opposed to seeming preachy and finger pointing.

Other than that, this a a self-help book that may just help someone. I recommend it.

Now, presenting, the Unleashed one!


Unleashed Speaks:

Wow!  Mini Truth covered a whole lot, but I do have just a little bit to add as it pertains to my take on From Hurt to Happiness.

When I first delved into this book, I believed it was the story about a man who had battled his own emotional demons and was sharing his experiences of triumph. I was drawn in during the periods of time where the author spoke about being a Vietnam refugee who moved to Australia, the dysfunctional in his family dynamic and being bullied. I really appreciated that beginning emotional component and believed that would be the main fuel throughout this read.

However, it soon adapted and became the classic formula for a self-help book on romantic relationships, and I confess to being slightly disappointed.

The chances for improvement of this read are very similar to what reviewer Mini Truth pointed out. I understood the repetition at the beginning of chapters and again at the end of chapters, yet there were moments in quite a few chapters where the gist of the narrative was constantly repeated.

Source: from

It made one feel like you were in a rowdy classroom and the professor had to either raise his voice or write his ideas ten times on the whiteboard, underlining them for emphasis.


I yearned for the personal feel (the one-on-one tutoring experience) that was presented at the very beginning of this work. The message would have been even more impactful if that was utilized more.

Overall, this is a book that could be of great service to people struggling with lack of communication and how to communicate effectively as well as adaptation of love for self and others.  Because of the underlying messages, I do recommend this work.

We are in agreement that From Hurt to Happiness gets 8 out of 10 stars.


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