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KARR: Unleashed Speaks on What Lies Beneath the Surface

What Lies Beneath the Surface
(Installment II of The Pandora’s Box Series)
by Perri Forrest

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Howdy!  No Labels here!  The Kindle App Random Robin has flown in and proud to present to you my thoughts on What Lies Beneath the Surface by Perri Forrest.  The first installment of The Pandora’s Box series in entitled The Color of Lieswhich I reviewed earlier this year.

I am going to try my hardest not to give any spoiler, but if I do it will be very minimal.

Series writing is definitely not an easy thing. Expectations can run rather high, especially if the first installment was well received. I waited with baited breath for this follow up to “The Color of Lies”.

The way the epilogue was presented brought me in right away. It was like an “oh, sh*t” moment and “what the hell” happened moment all wrapped into one. Once I started reading, I could not put the book down!

I enjoyed getting to know Brooklyn a little bit more with the interaction with her therapist. Where “The Color of Lies” revealed the foundation of why Brooklyn set up Pandora’s Box, this installment takes you a bit deeper into Brooklyn as a person. I could relate a lot to Brooklyn’s makeup as it pertains to her not really having a lot of personal time to herself and focusing all of her energy on her work.

I am very glad Oscar had the chance to shine this time around. He was utilized wonderfully in this latest case by Pandora’s Box. What happened in the aftermath served as a bonus and lets the reader know it will not be the last we see of him.

I’m also glad one of my questions about Sarai got answered. It provides a good lead in to the very next installment of this series. Some may argue the chapter where it mentions the lunch date and the chapter featuring the actual lunch date may border on “taking too long”, almost to the point where you almost forget about that part of the story. This can be a tough balancing act. It was right on the edge. I wanted the investigation to play out, and I didn’t want anything to cut into that action. For me, the spacing worked.

Perri’s “The Pandora Box Series” serves as an excellent blueprint for series writing: a wonderful fusion of engaging characters, complex plots, and riveting action that continues to please a reader’s senses.

I highly recommend it!


All right, bird, let’s deliver some stars: 10 out of 10 Stars that is!

Star Rating-10

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