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Unleashed Speaks on WWE Survivor Series



Back in the day, when it was just the Big 4, Survivor Series was my number two favorite.  (Royal Rumble is actually my number one favorite; Wrestlemania fanatics are dropping their jaws.)  The reason why I liked Survivor Series was because of the premise it was built on: the dynamics of certain teams working together.  Some of the alliances were questionable (if the two people teaming together have a common enemy but don’t like each other, is that enough for success) while you gave others props for their cohesiveness.

Slowly, but surely, Survivor Series has gone away from that formula.  I’ll be very surprised if Survivor Series doesn’t eventually get phased out, and that will be very sad for me to see.  It’s almost like an afterthought that they put the elimination tag team matches in there.  It seems they have forgotten what made Survivor Series so special, anyway.

debutoftakerDebut of The Undertaker
Survivor Series 1990

All right!  Enough with the reminiscing.  Let’s get down to business.

Survivor Series Pre Show:  The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

Is it just me, or did this feel thrown together at the last minute?  I honestly think WWE had no idea what to do for a pre show, so they created a conflict with Miz and Kofi, based on nothing more than Miz not tagging Kofi in: little to no back story.  

Then, they tried to make it seem like Miz wants Kofi and him “to shine as individual competitors”.  I just found it strange after Miz did an obviously “heel” move, he wants to offer a handshake at the start and end of the match, which could have been a trick (although the way Miz was insisting on it suggests not) or an obvious “face” move.  

However, I’m more focus on Kofi’s reaction to this than Miz, simply because WWE goes back and forth as to how they want to portray Miz. Miz is constantly riding the middle line (at times, in between good and bad; sometimes, bad; sometimes, good).  Kofi, on the other hand, has been mostly the smiling, optimistic type character.  Kofi slapping Miz at the end didn’t fit the character. 

It makes one wonder if they are going to shift Kofi.  I’m not one hundred percent sure how I feel about this.  Yes, Kofi needs more moves to his arsenal.  As far as mic work, he could use a bit of improvement, but I’m not sure making him into a “heel” like character will solve his slump.

Survivor Series 5-on-5 Traditional Tag Team Elimination Match: The Usos, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Shield and The Real Americans


For me, this was one of the best matches on the Survivor Series card. The Usos are really coming into their own.  Cody and Goldust performed really well.  There was a lot of excitement in this match, and although I was glad to see Rey Mysterio back, he didn’t add as much to the excitement as I would have liked.  

The most impressive thing wasn’t the continuity of the Usos, Cody & Goldust, and Rey Mysterio but The Shield.  Roman Reins, to be exact.  The comeback and the victory by The Real Americans and The Shield was due to Roman Reins.  Another thing that stood out was the fact there was no attack (3 on 1) after the match was over.  

It looks like more hints are being thrown that The Shield may be separating, and Roman Reins wants to go solo.  On top of that, I didn’t hear a whole lot of boos when Reins won.  

Survivor Series Intercontinental Championship match: Curtis Axel vs. Big E. Langston


This match goes to show whether Paul Heyman is by his side or not, Curtis Axel still cannot get the job done.  It also shows just because your father was a great charismatic technical wrestler that it automatically rubs off.

I like Big E. Langston having the belt for the time being.  It’s still weird to hear him talk; he makes me want to laugh more than take him seriously.  Yet, for me, he is an upgrade from Axel.


The 7-on-7 Divas match isn’t really worth mentioning.  At one point, it looked more like a dance off than a wrestling match.  It probably did Bret Hart good to see Natalya secure the win for her team with the Sharpshooter.  

Survivor Series WHC Match: Alberto del Rio vs. John Cena



This was a very lackluster match.  I expected a bit more, considering this was in Cena’s backyard.  Instead, the typical WWE formula for Cena’s success was in play: have Alberto del Rio do well for the majority of the match, followed by Cena making the amazing comeback and securing victory, despite all odds.  The ending didn’t surprise me; I just wish it wasn’t so predictable.   For me, next to the Divas match, it was the most boring match of the evening.

It was great seeing Mark Henry back, but I do miss his hair.  I wouldn’t have cared how he was brought back as long as he beat up Ryback. (Yes I dislike Ryback that much.)  

Based on how the tag team match between Punk and Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family turned out, it seems as if The Best and The Beard may be together for a while.  Yet, the Wyatts’ loss takes away from their mystique just a tad.  I just have to sit back and see where this goes.

The match that has provided more questions than answers is Randy Orton and The Big Show.



The Authority said they weren’t going to have any interference in the match.  They said nothing about they weren’t going to show up and watch.  Randy winning the match didn’t surprise me.  It was what happened prior to Randy’s match and what happened afterwards.

Before the match, Randy walked in to speak with The Authority and found John Cena in there with them.  Then, once Randy shows up, Cena goes to the nearest exit.


After Randy’s victory, Cena made it a point to come out there during what is supposed to be Randy’s time to shine.  Randy didn’t come out attempting to upstage Cena when Cena won his match.

For me, this is one of two possibilities.  Perhaps it may turn out to be both, since WWE Creative can do things that makes one go WTF:

1.  They are finally going to unify the titles.  To me, it makes sense. WWE doesn’t even do the draft anymore.  They have long since forgotten who was drafted to what show, although some of us old heads haven’t.  In addition, everyone is showing up at everyone’s show, anyway.  The brand separation no longer makes sense.  Therefore, two heavyweight championship belts doesn’t make sense.

or…and this is the REALLY BIG ONE…

Cena on Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles; did Cena give The Rock his cut for the idea?

2.  For years, people have complained about Cena’s character being stale: about how the Dr. of Thuganomics has turned into a Yabba Dabba….well, you get the idea.  The biggest suggestion for the improvement of Cena’s character has been turn him HEEL.  

Return to being the Dr. of Thuganomics? #confused

So they want the Superhero to turn into the Super Villian (or back to the Dr. of Thuganomics)?  



Well, let’s look at the big picture here.  

The biggest supporters of John Cena are the ones who love his superhero image (mainly the kids). The parents of those kids buy his merchandise and purchase WWE tickets because the kids still like the concept of a superhero.  No matter what the anti-Cena fans have to say, his kid appeal is bringing in the money, and that is money the WWE needs, since some people have begun to jump ship.  

I won’t rehash all of the reasons, but WWE needs a consistent cash cow, and WWE has made that John Cena.  Unfortunately, they are now trapped because it means the powers that be don’t have enough confidence in the rest of the staff to carry the load while Cena is gone.

WWE isn’t the way it was when there were several people of equal status who could get the job done if one or a couple were out of commission. They’ve made Cena their ultimate star player who no one can hold a candle to, although there are other people who are more talented than Cena when it comes to wrestling.   

Give Cena a few more moves (looks like they have given him an additional 2 to his 5).  You can even keep swapping out his shirts and shorts.  The opportunity they had to turn him heel has come and gone years ago; at this stage, they need to leave Cena’s character be and just unify the title.

But when has WWE ever really listened to the fans in a timely manner?

On that note, let’s rate this Bad Boy.  I give WWE Survivor Series a 3.5 out of 5 stars.  


If it weren’t for the Wyatt Match, the match involving The Shield, and the things that make you go hmm moment at the end of the Main Event, it would have gotten ranked much lower.

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