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Mr. Controversy Sits Down Again (at length) with “Darkest Before Dawn: Book 2 of the Chronicles of Benjamin Knight” by R. Jackson-Lawrence


Darkest Before Dawn: Book 2 of the Chronicles of Benjamin Knight
R. Jackson-Lawrence

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Benjamin Knight’s tale continues in “Darkest Before Dawn: Book 2 of the Chronicle of Benjamin Knight”, the sequel to “Knightfall: The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight” by R. Jackson-Lawrence.

If you haven’t read the first book, Trust Me when I say you missed out on A LOT of great stuff!

I will not spoil anything from the first book, so I will give you the first paragraph to the first book’s review to give you an idea of what this is all about:

“This story revolves around Benjamin Knight, a brilliant 15-year-old teenager who has a very above average IQ, has rewritten science and winds up in an alternate reality due to a series of intriguing events inside of a hidden mountain laboratory. Upon his arrival and discovery, things are not what they seem as he assesses his immediate surroundings as well as his predicament. While trying to make sense of everything, he tries to find clues to this broken reality and attempt get back to his reality.”

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As the story continues in “Darkest Before Dawn,” Benjamin Knight and his newfound comrades and friends are in a bit of a situation to where the urgency to right wrongs that have transpired in the first book is at an all-time high. Alexander son-of-none, bastard son of the Baron of city of Maleton, seeks to rule (or destroy) every city in his sights.

Alexander discovered who his father was when his mother confessed on her deathbed, and Alexander ventured to find his father. His road led into the city of Maleton, where he would send request after request to speak with the Baron. All Alexander wanted to do at that point in time was get to know his father; like ANY child who craves the Approval, Love, and Affection of his parents. The Baron, discovering that his firstborn was INDEED alive (and being informed of his former lover’s demise), he didn’t want to have anything to do with poor Alexander.

Source: villian wiki

Source: villian wiki

Like a true megalomaniac (a la Megatron from “The Transformers”), Alexander picked his points; planning, plotting, and strategizing for ten long years his ultimate revenge against the Baron who practically tossed him out of his sight and life like a sack of years old garbage. Unfortunately, his father died, and Alexander sets his sights on the next best thing: his brother Baron Stephen, and his niece Lady Safran.

To be honest, I personally feel for Alexander and in some ways I can relate to him. Ask yourselves this question:

Was there a moment in your life where you wanted to connect even more with those who conceived you, only to be cast aside and shunned; not given a second glance and/or thought by those who conceived you?

Not all of us were on that boat, yet those who were know EXACTLY what I am talking about. In a sense, you cannot help but feel sympathy for Alexander. At the same time, we know full well that there are other ways of doing things without doing what Alexander has done in this story.

To Alexander, I feel you bro: I FEEL YOU.

Let’s not forget Benjamin Knight who is trying to get back to his World, and helping as best he can with his troupe of friends who are trying to rectify the wrongs that are going on. They all are hoping to give Alexander the what-for, expose him for who and what he truly is, and save countless lives from the proverbial madman. Alexander wants each and every one of their heads on a silver platter as he desires to rule and dominate uncontested and unchallenged by those who have the means of defeating him.


Like its big brother “Knightfall,” “Darkest Before Dawn” does not disappoint. There is plenty of Action, Adventure, Comedy, and “WTF?!!” moments.

As I have stated in my first review, it has the feel of specific video games and movies:

-Final Fantasy X (specifically)
-Call of Duty
-Lord of the Rings
-The Matrix
-The Planet of the Apes

It also possesses strong hints and tones of:

-Star Wars
-Highlander (as far as Alexander’s character is concerned)
-Bladerunner (As it has been pointed out to me by Mr. Jackson-Lawrence)

Seeing that Mr. Jackson-Lawrence is from across the pond in the United Kingdom, the spelling of certain words is very much noticeable from the United States spelling to which we are accustomed. I personally love it, for it tickles my fancy.

I have also stated in my first review, extra eyes to tighten up grammar and deliver a much smoother story are a good thing to have by one’s side.


“Darkest Before Dawn” is a touch shorter than “Knightfall” with 256 pages (if read on a computer’s PDF program) which could either cause the reader to not put it down, or have them sleeping and drooling on the pages from reading so much. Mr. Jackson-Lawrence kept Benjamin Knight’s handwritten letters at the beginning of the chapters which sets up the reader with what to expect as the story progresses. This is a coin-flip for those who would rather be surprised as they move forward, or showing appreciation for knowing what to expect and NOT expecting what is coming around the corner.

For my long novel enthusiasts, this is one you certainly want to pick up, for as long as you pick up “Knightfall” so that you are not lost and confused in the storyline.

If you like Action/Adventure and Thriller seekers, this is the book for you. Again, pick up “Knightfall for the aforementioned reason in the last paragraph.


I give 8.5 out of 10 stars for “Darkest Before Dawn”.


Robert Jackson-Lawrence certainly knows how to write a fascinating and intriguing story that will keep the reader interested in what will happen next to his well-written cast of characters. “Darkest Before Dawn” is indeed a page turner, giving the reader something to be excited about as they follow the characters on their journeys.

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