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KARR: Truth Unleashed on Sapphire


Greetings everyone!  No labels here.  There were a couple of Random Robins that one of my reviewers was interested in reading.  Who am I to rob her of the opportunity?  However, let’s see if she’s going to throw a shoe at me later.

Disclaimer:  This work is of an erotica nature.  Viewer’s discretion is advised.



Sapphire by Lexa Flynn

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Truthful Takes:

Kenna is a beautiful attorney with an average personality. As gorgeous as she is, she has all American attributes. Kenna has just been hired to work for Carter Armstrong’s law firm. He’s impressed with her resume but secretly also impressed with her.

While at a company trip to the Cayman Islands, and in the process of trying to find out more about Carter Armstrong, a few things happen:

  1. Kenna finds out that Carter apparently fits the description of your average handsome billionaire philanthropist.
  2. He has way larger assets than most men. 

During her first night, on a whim Kenna decides to venture out of her fabulous and exotic hotel room called The Sapphire and in the process finds herself encountering Carter head first, accientally.

Not to sound cliché, one thing leads to another, and Kenna and Carter get hot and heavy.

I enjoyed Sapphire. It was enjoyable and almost too fast. It was one of those stories that made you want to find out more.  It was like a fantasy come true!

For those of you whom enjoy contemporary erotica, this story is for you—just don’t get upset when it finishes.

 Truthful verdict:  I give this 10 out of 10 stars.

Star Rating-10
Now, let’s give the stage to No Labels.


Unleashed Speaks:

When Kenna Roberts gets hired as legal counsel for a family-owned business, it starts off as just another day on the job. However, when one adds the Cayman Islands, an opulent suite like the Sapphire, and a gorgeous boss others’ croon about, the writing is on the wall as to what is going to happen.

7 Mile Beach, Cayman Islands (source:

7 Mile Beach, Cayman Islands (source:

I did like the detail the writer went into when describing the private plane, the Cayman Islands, and the Sapphire itself. It made me want to be there. The pace was relatively steady, neither overly rushed nor painfully slow. Great grammar and spelling were present throughout.

Although this was a short read, there were a few opportunities where the story could have been even greater.

Yes, Carter is hinted at as being attractive, but I would have liked a bit more description about his sex appeal than just his “member down under” and his eyes, especially in the final moments where the curiosity is being satisfied. Like, the thickness of his lips and the shape and contours of his body, for example.  I really wanted the erotic moment to shine since it’s where the culmination of the action takes place. The vibrator got more shine than he did when it came to characteristics.

Side Note:  (jots down “C-vibe”)

I would have liked more detail about Kenna’s attributes as well. What does she have to bring to the table in addition to her intelligence and her intuitiveness? What makes Kenna’s chest “perfect” in Carter’s eyes: shape, density, the abundance of jiggle? What about her hair, her eyes, her frame? That would have really put me in the thick of the action taking place.

I also felt like the dialogue in some places could have been more extensive, especially the interaction between Kenna and Carter. In other places, it seemed forced. Kenna went from being this prim and proper attorney to bold sex pot off some alcohol.

Unleashed Verdict:  I give Sapphire a twinkling 7 out of 10 stars.


For those who want their sex “Straight No Chaser”, Sapphire serves as just enough.

For those who want a bit more imaginative oomph, in the form of a drawn out sexual episode, Sapphire may not necessarily be your cup of tea.

Overall, Sapphire gets an 8.5 out of 10 from The Review Board.


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