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Unleashed Speaks on TNA Bound for Glory

Greetings, No Labels here!

In addition to looking at WWE, I also look at TNA.  There were things about TNA that I liked over WWE.


One thing I loved was the construct of the ring.  Instead of the typical 4 sided ring, TNA had the six sided ring.


Another reason was the X division participants with their speed and style and some of the matches they would have (like Ultimate X). Their women’s division was a lot stronger, and they really seem invested in their tag team division.

The reason why I’ve put these things in past tense is because TNA is taking away the elements that made me look at their product in the first place. Instead of celebrating their originality, there are too many people saying they should be like WWE or better than WWE.

This is where they are failing.


Bound for Glory, which is TNA’s equivalent to WWE’s Wrestlemania, happened this past Sunday. Bound for Glory is usually a stellar PPV, but this is one of the worst Bound for Glory showings I have ever seen.

Not as bad as WWE Battleground, but pretty durn close.  My apologies for the spoilers you may see.

Here are the reasons why I think Bound for Glory ended in a Blaze of Failure:


1. A ladder was used in the Ultimate X Match as a ways of getting the belt.

It defeats how the Ultimate X Match was designed. What is the use of having the belt high in the air on the crisscrossed ropes or having the metal sides to climb up to get to the rope if you can just get on a ladder and grab the belt?


Jeff Hardy, every match doesn’t need to be laddered up. Signed, one of the Creatures

I’m so disappointed because this could have been a phenomenal match. In my opinion, Jeff Hardy didn’t need to be in it. I just felt like he needed something to do, since he didn’t become the number one contender for the title.

At the risk of Joe "killing me", you're a bit too stocky for the X division.

At the risk of Joe “killing me”, you’re a bit too stocky for the X division.

Samoa Joe, as much as I dig him, didn’t need to be in this, either. I honestly think Joe is a bit too stocky for the X-division, despite the fact he can move for a bigger guy.

Thinking out to return in a moment

Thinking out loud…review to return in a moment

Okay this is me just speculating…

All TNA was trying to do was trying to fix an earlier debacle: when they allowed Chris Sabin to win the belt from Bully Ray earlier in the year. They put the belt on Chris Sabin too soon after he got back to TNA, yet they hadn’t fully formulated how they were going to ride out the Aces and Eights angle.

Bully should have held the belt non-stop until Bound for Glory. There was no purpose in having Sabin hold it for that small period of time.

To make up for the goof, guess who they decide to put the X-Division belt back on? (shaking my head)

Now back to our show….

2. The weak storyline for the Roode vs. Angle match

This was thrown together at the last minute if you ask me. Bobby Roode was feeling some kind of way (and he wasn’t the only one) about not being selected for the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle feels disrespected because Roode thinks he doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, so as a result, the match is set up days before Bound for Glory.

Sounds great, but only one problem with that…

What happens if the Hall of Fame nominee doesn’t accept the nomination?

Yes, you read right. Angle “respectfully declined” induction into the Hall of Fame. It almost makes the match not really seem to have a point.

How more over do you need to be if you're the "IT" factor?

How more over do you need to be if you’re the “IT” factor?

For those people who say that “Angle needed to put Roode over”, I have to disagree. Roode already held the TNA world title longer than anyone as well as did impressive things when he was in tag team competition.


3. Something looks very familiar with the Knockouts title situation….

Lady Tapa

Lady Tapa

One thing I can say about Lady Tapa. She is huge and has a deranged look about her, yet I dig her. I have a fondness for women wrestlers who actually have wrestling moves and a bit of power to them. When she started coming out on TNA a few weeks ago, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she played a factor in the Women’s title picture at Bound for Glory.

It played out similar to how Layla betrayed Kaitlyn and aided AJ in keeping the women’s title. Yet the set up is similar to another situation. Let’s think:


Gail Kim: smaller women’s competitor who claims she is the greatest Knockout champion of all time

AJ Lee: smaller women’s competitor who claims she is the greatest Diva’s champion of all time

Lady Tapa: larger, stronger women’s competitor who has the champ’s back

Tamina, I love you but not some of those outfits.

Tamina, I love you but not some of those outfits.

Tamina Snuka: larger, stronger women’s competitor who has the champ’s back


Really? Did Stephanie McMahon call Dixie and say, “Hey, girlfriend, you should try this!” (thinking to herself, I know this dumb broad isn’t really going to try it)

P.S. Get Brooke (Miss Tessmacher) to stop doing that in place, booty gyrating thing.

4. I could have done without the Ethan Carter III debut on Bound for Glory. No, he’s no Fandango (although Fandango debut on Wrestlemania). His arrogance factor does remind me of Randy Orton when he first came into wrestling. We will see what he has in the months to come, but he just didn’t hold my interest.


5. Most of the endings to the matches were disappointing and were NOT executed well.

I already touched on the Ultimate X match because of the ladder being used to get the title.


In the Roode vs. Angle match, there looked to be a backfire when Angle did his Angle slam off the rope, and Roode ended up with the victory. However, for a moment there, Angle wasn’t moving, so we weren’t one hundred percent sure if it was “story line injury” or “real injury”. I would have been fine with Angle being carried out on the stretcher, but instead, Angle has a “Super Cena” moment, gets off the stretcher and walks away.

The Sting vs. Magnus match wasn’t much better in terms of ending. I know he isn’t the Sting of old WCW but the Stinger splashes looked a bit sloppy. I was disappointed that the match didn’t go a tad bit longer. They didn’t really have the opportunity to really show what each other could do. Let Magnus go back to being somewhat of a bad guy. I actually dig Magnus better that way; the whole “I’m losing my confidence and need someone to carry me over” doesn’t quite fit.


With the main event match, I expected a bit more utilization of the No Disqualification, No Count Out theme. Plus, TNA isn’t under PG like WWE, so they can get away with more stuff.

Yes, the getting slammed on the wood part was good. Yet, they could have taken some more liberties. Aces and Eights came out early in the match. I expected them more towards the end. Plus, I guess the Main Event Mafia angle really is dead because usually when Aces and Eights are out there, Main Event Mafia is out there, too. No Sting, Magnus, or Samoa to be found to wreck the party.

Side Note:  Brooke could have been a real bad ass and hit AJ Styles with her heel.

Okay, I’m dreaming out loud, but what I’m saying is more could have been done with it being so hyped up. I knew it was going to end with AJ Styles getting the title back. Unfortunately, now TNA is going to have this storyline with AJ similar to what WWE has with Daniel Bryan.

Unleashed Verdict:  I give TNA Bound for Glory a 2 out of 5 stars.  


There is nothing to distinguish the two anymore, and that’s why TNA is suffering. TNA is trying to be alike when the fan base went to them because they were different.

If TNA keeps going down this road, they may end up like another wrestling company I used to know and love: WCW.

Plus, Dixie might end up like that poor tire…

Dixie Carter, you're going down!

Dixie Carter, you’re going down!

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