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Mr. Controversy Sits Down (at length) with Knightfall: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight


Mr. Controversy Sits Down (at length) with “Knightfall: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight”, by R. Jackson-Lawrence



Knightfall: Kindle Edition |Amazon Author Page



This story revolves around Benjamin Knight, a brilliant 15-year-old teenager who has a very above average IQ, has rewritten science and winds up in an alternate reality due to a series of intriguing events inside of a hidden mountain laboratory. Upon his arrival and discovery, things are not what they seem as he assesses his immediate surroundings as well as his predicament. While trying to make sense of everything, he tries to find clues to this broken reality and attempt get back to his reality.

Benjamin Knight befriends a troupe of travelers who seem to be friendly, and takes him in as one of their own. Matthew, the leader of the troupe, seems to have something in his possession that makes him a wanted man and an enemy to those seeking him. In said possessing that something, it keeps him a BIT on edge. Also, Benjamin’s tale(s) have caught the attention of those around him, making for a bit of a rough time for the Protagonists.


At certain points, “Knightfall” takes on the feel of a few Popular games and movies:


Final Fantasy X (
Final Fantasy X (

-Final Fantasy X (specifically)

-Call of Duty

-Lord of the Rings

-The Matrix

-The Planet of the Apes


If you are familiar with the titles, you can easily piece together who fits what roles, as well as the story lines that ODDLY intertwine with one another in the aforementioned titles.


I particularly enjoy the letters at the beginning of each chapter. Each letter gives the reader an idea of what to expect as they read on. For some, it may be a bit bothersome due to removing the surprise factor. However, the reader will still be surprised by the progression of the story as well as its characters.


Here is another story with England’s English (realise vs. realized, settee describing a couch, etc.) which always tickles and have tickled me.



This story is quite lengthy (approximately 300 pages), and will take a week or two to complete. The reader may find themselves dozing off with the book in their hand(s). Dependent on the person, this is either a good or a bad thing: Either the person will not be able to put the story down because they recognise (recognize) an excellent read from Mr. Jackson-Lawrence, or they may be bored to the point of falling asleep on this read.


If one has a penchant for good long novels, this is the book for you. If one does not have the patience, it is best that they skip this book (at the same time, it doesn’t hurt to read something different and new). 





An extra pair of eyes is necessary for maximum effectiveness of sentence structure and smoothness of the storytelling. Take this sentence for example:

“With an effort, he was able to prise open the death grip of her fingers and take the gun from her, tossing it down the corridor and away from the small group of people.” 

When looking up the word “prise”, it is defined as “to force open by levering”. So, in essence, the sentence would read like this:

“With an effort, he was able to force open open the death grip of her fingers and take the gun from her, tossing it down the corridor and away from the small group of people.” It would cause an unnecessary double use of the word “open.” 

Instead, I would suggest the sentence to be written as:

“With an effort, he was able to prise the death grip of her fingers and take the gun from her, tossing it down the corridor and away from the small group of people.” 


All in all, “Knightfall” is an addictive read for those who have a taste for Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, and a Thriller rolled into one and packaged neatly with a ribbon and bow.




I give this work:



“Knightfall” can and will satisfy the late night hankering of those looking for a bountiful harvest that will quell the deepest literary hunger. I strongly advise picking up “Knightfall”, and taking a look at something that you may very well enjoy.

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4 comments on “Mr. Controversy Sits Down (at length) with Knightfall: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight

  1. Robert Lawrence
    October 7, 2013


    Thanks for an awesome review! I can’t comment about Final Fantasy X (I never played it) but certainly the other references are spot on. There are also links to Bladerunner in the novel.

    If you want to know why, please check out my website page that details where Ben is and why pieces of our pop culture are all around him.

    Beware though, SPOILERS ahead!


    Rob Jackson-Lawrence

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