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Game Time! Mr. Controversy Plays the Game with Prisoner of the Game

Game Time! Mr. Controversy Plays the Game with Prisoner of the Game by C. Kevin Provance


Prisoner of the Game by C. Kevin Provance

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I am COMPELLED to Share this Song, due to the title of this particular piece.

“Prisoner of the Game” is the type of story that’ll have people confront their Inner Demons, as well as face a plethora of Uncomfortable Truths about themselves.

The story revolves around Carter Frye: the Main Character’s assumed name. He is a man who has barely started living life. Other characters in the story did/do not speak his True Name. He is a bit narcissistic and arrogant in his mannerisms, words, and actions when people do not/refuses to “play the game”.

Carter Frye, in my honest and most humble opinion, is the textbook definition of being a “Ticking Time Bomb”. His only solace is the CLICK-click of his pen; a sentimental writing utensil which calms and soothes his nerves. This particular action aides him in gathering his thoughts, and soothes the savage beast that resides within him.

*Mild Spoiler*

Carter Frye was sexually abused by his father, causing a large degree of mental and emotional trauma. It would stand to reason that he is indeed his father’s child, in the realm of aggressive tendencies.

Special Announcement:

If you or someone you know is a victim of Sexual Abuse, seek help. This is a Fight that YOU ALONE must Never Face. Here are a few resources that’ll hopefully aide in your own or another’s Inner Peace:

He is a bit racist, Right-Wing in some aspects, and possesses a disdain for Law Enforcement (ANYONE in a Position of Authority for that matter) to where said Law Enforcement is referred to as “Pigs”. His guilty conscience starts to get to him after a specific event, and then throughout the story.

His girlfriend (who also is nameless) was violated in the worst possible way at the start of the story, and he got his revenge on the offender. Despite revenge being satisfied, what was the cost?

He also has a Love/Hate Relationship with his long distance “partner in crime” The Moon; “Mr. Moon”, as Carter Frye calls it. Mr. Moon lights Carter’s way in many aspects as Carter Frye does his (mis)deeds throughout the story. At one point, Carter Frye comes to a revelation about The Moon, and it is interesting to say the least; his subconscious speaking to him about what “Mr. Moon” truly represented.

This story houses 3 Acts; each act with stun-filled cliffhangers at the end of almost each chapter. Mr. Provance uses an Unorthodox style of writing which exercises Current Time and Flashbacks of the events which ultimately merge together towards the end. This method is easily followed if one pays close attention to what is happening in the chapters. Mr. Provance’s style of writing and vividly brilliant imagination leaves the reader(s) AND MYSELF wanting, desiring, and craving more. When readers are wanting more, this is the VERY REACTION that EVERY Author needs to Master, and C. Kevin Provance has mastered this technique magnificently.

Proofing needs are evident later in the story: repeating of words, as well as spelling errors.It is at a minimum, and did not deter me from the overall quality of the story. Mr. Provance has made his proofing needs and desires known via his Author’s , wishing that he had the money to utilize the talents of a Professional Proofer, and I empathize and sympathize with his words in this department.


I feel your pain, sir. BELIEVE ME: I Feel Your Pain.

Overall, “Prisoner of the Game” possesses an enthralling story line, and paintbrush beautiful description that’ll keep the pages turning. The Epilogue spoke volumes also, and gave some of the most incredible twists I have ever read in modern storytelling.


Survey Says:

On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 9.5 out of the Perfect 10.


From takeoff to landing, “Prisoner of the Game” is DEFINITELY one to have on any AND every bookshelf. If you like Karmic Flow as well Karma Cutting, THIS STORY RIGHT HERE is the one you Need!

Yes, Mr. Provance: I REALLY LOOK FORWARD to reading MUCH MORE from you!!

*Final Thought*

This Song gives me the OVERALL feel of Carter Frye. When you finish reading this story, YOU WILL feel the same way.

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2 comments on “Game Time! Mr. Controversy Plays the Game with Prisoner of the Game

  1. Kevin Provance
    August 30, 2013

    Wow! Thank you for those flattering words! I guess the many, many years I spent crafting that story was worth it. Here is a spoiler for you: My next book takes place a few years later, in the same ‘universe’ where all my stories are set and delves into a serial killer mystery centered at the former Western Maryland College, in which Detectives Perri and Miller are forefront. It’s not Carter Frye though, that much I can say. I’m still not sure whatever happened to him. Sometimes, on nights when there is a full moon, I wonder. CLICK-click…

  2. nolabels
    August 30, 2013

    We can’t wait to check it out. (smiles)

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