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Unleashed Speaks on The Gentle Man


The Gentle Man by Michelle Montague Mogil

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Warning: Slight Spoilers

“Four scant weeks ago, I was given the choice between an extraordinary existence and a life of mediocrity…As a consequence, I am now attempting to justify that decision, explaining to myself and to a number of other people, how I managed to get where I am now.”

Those lines in Chapter One made me want to learn more. It reminded me of the scene in The Matrix, where Morpheus gives Neo the choice between the red pill or the blue pill.

In this sense, the blue pill is representative of normalcy while the red pill represents being opened up to a world that before, one didn’t know existed.

In Anastasia’s case, she decided to go with the “red pill”, the “extraordinary existence”, but was it truly worth the cost?

The author did a wonderful job of ensuring a level of excitement in practically every chapter. This made you want to turn the pages and find out what happens next. One of the parts that stood out the most was towards the end: the final confrontation between Rachel (the obsessed with immortality caretaker), Domm (the vampire), and Anastasia. I thought the ending was going to go one way, but it took quite a turn that was very shocking, yet sets up the scenario for the next installment.

I’m a fan of Anastasia’s sense of humor. There were things she did which made me chuckle yet I know people around me who have done some of the same things.


She is a part-time bartender on the side, and every once in a while when things get rough, she sneaks in a drink. Sure, one isn’t supposed to be doing it on the clock, but it is understandable why it can be a bit tempting. Also, her primary job is about to lay her off, so her attitude towards them is less than stellar, which seemed very real to me.

I’m very pleased with the presentation of the print material—it had very little wrong with it in terms of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

There are a lot of great things about this book but there were certain aspects that kept me from reaching maximum enjoyment.

Despite Anastasia’s situation and her sense of humor, I found her to be annoying as the chapters progressed.

I was willing to excuse the initial naivety concerning Domm the Vampire, but as more evidence surfaced, I feel like her struggling to come to grips with it was a bit dragged out.

It also stunned me how quickly she was willing to turn her back on her husband and her children to give into Domm the Vampire. I was hoping maybe she was hypnotized into being with him so quickly but when I discovered he didn’t really do that to her, it made me question if she really loved her husband as much as she claimed. I found myself feeling Ethan’s pain and wanting to know how he was struggling, knowing that he was losing his wife, wishing that the writer would have expounded more on his internal struggles as well as Anastasia’s.

Considering I’m a fan of vampire literature, I really wanted a great visual of how Domm looked, yet besides the description of his skin and his eyes, I couldn’t really get a good gauge on how he looked.

I wanted to think of him the way I admired Louis in Interview With the Vampire….


Perhaps, even Eric in True Blood (who I’m really hoping doesn’t get killed off because he’s always been one of my favorite characters)


Side Note: I didn’t mention Edward in Twilight on purpose because I still would have liked Bella with Jacob.



Taylor Lautner is the hotness….can we say Cougar Crush?

Oops…I got distracted. Where was I?

Oh yes, the Domm visual. Vampires are known for sex appeal. I couldn’t fathom how sexy Domm was, so I could see myself baring my neck, shoulder, or whatever body part was needed “in a hot flash.”

Speaking of hot flashes, there is Anastasia’s irrational hunger for more that leaves me somewhat baffled. Can that truly be tied in to a mid-life crisis? Or is it more about a woman who has been dissatisfied for a long time but waiting on the right opportunity to achieve satisfaction?

For the latter, one doesn’t have to in any type of crises to obtain it. That can happen to someone at any point, I feel, so I am not sure how comfortable I feel with some of her activity being contributed to “mid-life crisis” or her being a “menopausal woman”. It seems like the activities are less like “decisions” or more like “impulses”, for with decisions, people tend to think more about the consequences, yet with Anastasia, those thoughts seem to be fleeting and dissipate when she’s around Domm.

Overall, I recommend The Gentle Man :

1. For someone who wants to see an atypical main character—in the form of an older lady heroine.
2. For non-stop action
3. For vampire literature with huge dosage of comedy as opposed to romance

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