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Keep Your Hands Where I Can See Them! TRB Discusses The Masturbation Journal by Kelligraphy Pens

peeks in….

Well, it’s hard to keep my hands where people can see them if I’m typing.  Is this a stick up?  Seriously….

All right!  No Labels here.  Don’t worry; I, personally, won’t be here too long.  I am happy to present to you the 2nd review from my TRB cohort, Mr. Controversy Andrew Boyd.  If the title is any indication, we are on the path to a very interesting ride.  Enjoy!

Mr. C, the floor is yours….

Kelligraphy Pens1

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Masturbation Journal

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The Masturbation Journal

VERY RARELY does a story keep my interest to where I will NOT put it down. The last time that I wrote my feelings in regards to a story that I did not put down, I was FAR from kind and I strongly made it known.

“The Masturbation Journal” by Ms. Kelligraphy Pens, however, is a story that has kept my attention to where I almost tripped up and did something that would have hindered this review from seeing the light of day.

Kelligraphy Pens

*A Little Dialogue about Ms. Kelligraphy Pens*

Kelligraphy Pens is the Founder and CEO at WKPJB 103.9: The Indie Storm Internet Radio Show, where she and her friend, co-host Jamie Bond, host the “Masterful Mindgasms” show (When the Internet Radio Show arises, I will make certain to provide a link to the event on my Facebook Main and Author Pages). She is also a poet. Here is a sample of her poetic skills as she performs a collaboration piece with the poet Lionheart on Soundcloud:


Before I go ANY FURTHER, allow me to make it Perfectly Clear that this novella is NOT for the weak or faint at heart and ABSOLUTELY NOT for children, for it travels a road that many would consider “Taboo”.

Reader Discretion IS Advised.

“The Masturbation Journal” revolves around Layla, a Submissive who must write a “Masturbation Journal” for her Dominant, Master T.

Layla stepped out of bounds in her duties of being Master T’s slave when she broke House Rule #4. In committing this infraction, she must write a detailed journal and then have it mailed to Master T per his specific instructions. Dependent on what Master T reads within the confines of the journals’ covers, Layla’s punishment is based on her journal logging capabilities.

Layla follows Master T’s commands, and writes five (5) Masturbation Journal entries, detailing what Master T wanted detailed within its pages.


As a consumer, I was STUNNED by what I read! The detail of Layla’s daydreams, what she is doing to herself and her thoughts about said daydreams were all INCREDIBLE!! Layla’s adventures kept me roped in; having me reread many sections of her journal just to make certain that what I read was what she wrote! Layla is truly a very loyal and faithful servant to Master T, for she did exactly what he commanded, and she DELIVERED!!

I was aroused from the very beginning, and said arousal lingered on for about an hour AFTER completing the book!

Who can say eye bugging, mouthwatering, (sexual) hunger creating moments? *raising my hand*



I had to stop reading at the thirty-one percent (31%) mark to write Ms. Pens via Facebook Chat. I told her that I was only 31% through her book, and I was thoroughly impressed! She was very happy to hear that I was enjoying her book (“I AM! I AM!!” was my response to her).

As a writer/editor/proofer, Kelligraphy Pens explored a realm that I had VERY little knowledge. I know about Dominants and Submissives, but to get THAT detailed is truly an eye opener. If one chooses to read her novella, rest assured, you will learn a few things!

Simply put, “The Masturbation Journal” (TO ME), is a tutorial, lecture, textbook, road map, and graphic analysis in the art of how to be a Dominant and/or Submissive.

Ms. Pens’ technique, attention to detail, and her level of descriptive narrative rivals my own. I can take classes from her, and learn so much to where I would be an A+ student in her classroom!

Grammatical and punctuation errors were virtually nonexistent. Only one word error, and one punctuation error; EASILY overlooked if one is engrossed and lost in her amazingly graphic words.


My ONLY negative is that it is only available on Amazon Kindle. Those that have a Kindle eBook, they can purchase the book through the Amazon Kindle eBook store. Those who desire to add one more book to their bookshelf with a paperback copy of “The Masturbation Journal” will not get that opportunity. However, if Ms. Kelligraphy Pens DOES decide to go the way of physical copies, I personally would love to have an autograph copy with a lipstick laced kiss on the inside.

Hey… Don’t Judge Me! 




Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the BEST $2.99 I have EVER SPENT on an eBook!

Ms. Kelligraphy Pens nailed her novella to a titanium wall, and I can see her writing so much more on this topic as well as many others with ease. I know that she is working on another novella, and I am waiting with patience as well as EXTREME Anxiousness to see what treasure that she will deliver the second go round!

Grab her eBook, keep your hands where I can see them, and make sure to give her the props that she is due!

Take a Bow, Ms. Kelligraphy Pens: You have single-handedly set the bar for “Do Not Put This Book Down” reading!!



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I have an appreciation for the unique, love for all types of art, and fierce attractions to brilliant intellectuals (from book smarts to street smarts). Lover of humanity but feel humans have lost their way, just trying to stay true to myself as conformity threatens to take me away. Simply one head, many crowns: Author. Reviewer. Columnist.

3 comments on “Keep Your Hands Where I Can See Them! TRB Discusses The Masturbation Journal by Kelligraphy Pens

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  3. Sub Suri
    August 6, 2013

    I came across your review by accident, but nonetheless, it really made me want to read this book. I’ve just downloaded a copy from Amazon and am thoroughly looking forward to the read!

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