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Unleashed Speaks on The Unwritten Rules


Have you ever checked out a movie and it made you want to take a peek at the book?  This is definitely how I feel, since I got a chance to check out The Unwritten Rules.  This show was first brought to my attention via the site From Ashy 2 Classy where he put up a post titled Not Feeling What’s On TV?? Check Out These 5 Webisodes.

Straight From Ashy 2 Classy itself, here is the premise of The Unwritten Rules:

This show is a webisode that is quirky and funny that reminds me of a black version of an Ally McBeal but from a black woman’s perspective of being in the workplace. This show comes from Kim Williams who actually wrote a book called “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman” that this show is based on.  The show follows the main character Racey as she weaves through her new job in Corporate America.  For any black person who has worked in Corporate America or creative situations where you the only one or the very very few there you will totally get this show. Even if you haven’t been in this situation it will satirically show you some of the random thoughts and experiences that African-Americans have in the workplace. ~source, Ashy 2 Classy

Since I have worked in Corporate America and have been in situations where I’m the only “one” surrounded by many, I had to check out this series. Let’s just say that I found so many episodes where I can nod my head and say, “I’ve been through that.”

For example, the first episode, entitled “First Day”, Racey (the main character) arrives at the job to discover she’s the only black employee. This a situation I’m currently facing, since I’m the only black employee in my building—apparently, according to some of the cubicle talk, it’s been a long time since they’ve had a black employee in this particular building.

Then, there is the fourth episode, entitled “Let’s Talk About Hair”. I still get lots of questions about my locs as well as some people wanting to touch it. I definitely get comments when I do different styles with it. It’s not as extreme as what Racey had to go through but I found myself chuckling along.

However, the episode which gave me the biggest laugh was the one where they were supposed to do lunch and it came down to dividing up the check. It’s one thing if everyone was getting alcohol and a big meal, but if one person is getting water and soup, then that person shouldn’t have to pay for the others’ alcohol consumption. Plus the reasons why the other two girls were trying to justify Racey not making a big deal, citing, “It’s only $25.00. You can afford it.”

I would love to see where this show goes from here because I’m definitely fan!

I invite you to check it out and show support for it.

The Unwritten Rules

The book which has inspired this series:


40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman by Kim Williams is available on Butterfly Ink Publishing as well as on Amazon.

Thanks for checking out my first webisode review on TRB.  I always encourage likes, shares, and subscribes.



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