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Unleashed Speaks on R&B Divas: Atlanta


Greetings everyone!

No, your eyes do not deceive you.  This review is actually on R & B Divas.  Although this isn’t the first time I’ve done a review that wasn’t a book (check out Flight, Django, and Bullet to the Head), this is the first time I’ve done a review on a TV Show.

When Reality shows first started coming out, I thought it was just going to be a phase. I remember when Reality shows were a sprinkle—like MTV’s “Real World” and “Road Rules” or CBS’ “Survivor” or “Big Brother”.

Now, everywhere you look, there is a reality show about something!

The majority of the reality shows I don’t tend to keep up with. There are so many people who keep up with Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives, that all I have to do is check my News Feed to get the gist of what is going on.

However, there is one that I wanted to keep up with because it seemed a bit different than other programs out there. That show is R & B Divas.

I liked the whole concept—getting these soulful women together to do a tour together. Sure, they had their ups and downs in the first season, but it hadn’t gotten as ugly as some of the other programs I’d heard about and got glimpses of—especially Basketball Wives and the out of control behavior of some of the women on there, particularly Evelyn Lozada.


Then, I checked out season two, bringing in LaTocha Scott of XScape (she is my favorite voice in that group) as well as the cool vibe of Angie Stone. There was so much potential for success but things really started to deteriorate.


Honestly, I find Nicci to be at the center of all of it. I don’t care how much she tries to blame the producers of the show for her betrayal. At the end of the day, she’s grown and she had a choice on how to handle things.

She handled a lot of things poorly.

When Angie questioned Nicci about her charity, I don’t think there was anything wrong with Angie approaching her in the way that she did. If someone was telling me about a charity and wanting me to help, I would definitely look up the charity to find out more information and how to donate to it so that I may spread the word.

Nicci should have explained from the gate when everyone was gathered together that it didn’t have an Internet presence yet. I am with Rocky: I think she was trying to trick a free show out of the other divas and get Brownstone back together more so than getting exposure for the charity. She just went about things the wrong way.

Instead of seeing things from Angie’s point of view, she chose to attack her instead of being wise with her approach and breaking things down.

Another example was when the e-mail blast came out. I’m not saying it didn’t seem logical to automatically place blame on Syleena’s sister, but on the same token, why not get in touch with Syleena’s sister and ask her about it before automatically talking trash about the two of them? If you want to get to the truth, you go to the source. Then once you hear the answer, you take it from there whether you want to believe either one of them or not.

I feel like Nicci was determined to cause dissention and really didn’t want to do a tour brainstormed by Syleena’s sister. She wanted it to be on her own terms.



Yes, Syleena could have handled things differently also. She did try the best she could. However, I can understand one getting angry if your integrity or your sister’s integrity is being attacked. Syleena was trying to defend her sister, and she was trying to bring across her side of the story in relation to the difficulties she was having with Nicci, especially from a business perspective.

I think towards the end, she got tired of being constantly attacked by Nicci, so all of the frustration she let loose on Nicci at the end of the season.


In the end, I believe Syleena was being very truthful on what occurred as far as the fitness video fiasco. While Nicci was telling her side of the story, there were holes in the story. Even KeKe was looking at Nicci kind of funny as Nicci was talking about it.


I don’t like how Angie got treated in the end, either. She was really trying to represent positive energy to the group, particularly since Faith had to step away in order to see about her children. I don’t think Angie was trying to act “better” than anyone (to me the whole “first class” vs. “coach” mentality got blown way out of proportion); she just wanted everyone to rise above the drama.

Yet it seemed the harder she tried to keep the peace, the more it backfired. Sure, not everyone was receptive to her approach, but I really don’t think Angie meant it in a disrespectful way. It reminded me of a much older sister, pulling me to the side and coming to me woman-to-woman about my behavior. Not everyone is open to that type of delivery.

It would surprise me if there is a season three of R&B Divas Atlanta. If it’s as counterproductive as it was this season, I probably won’t be tuning in myself.

Everyone on the cast is in agreement they aren’t proud or happy the way things turned out. However, there would have to be a major adjustment in Nicci’s approach for their initial intent (going on tour) to actually be successful.

I know there are some calling for Nicci to not be on the show for next season and have even circled a petition.

There’s even reports coming out that her clothing line, Curvato, isn’t actually designed by her but are fashions purchased from China Wholesale.

Curvato Clothing Line Deemed Fraudulent

It’s just not a good look—especially if the show is trying to get back to having “less drama.”

Thanks for tuning in to this special review by TRB.  Always appreciate likes, shares, subscribes, and visits!  Have an awesome day!


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4 comments on “Unleashed Speaks on R&B Divas: Atlanta

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  2. Kweenflyy
    July 17, 2013

    I failed at my first attempt to comment…if this doesn’t make it through, chile…I’m done. lol

    I agree with your entire assessment. I watched this for it’s touting to be a positive reality show, but it’s turned into something ugly. Hell, I’mma stick to the real trash. LOL

    • nolabels
      July 17, 2013

      Thanks for stopping by Kweenflyy. Your responses are always welcomed!

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