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Unleashed Speaks on 5 Days by Paul Sean


Five Days by Paul Sean

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What drew me to check out this title was its’ synopsis: An unemployed man desperate for work agrees to take a job offered by a friend.

This made me wonder what would this guy do and how far would he go. I also wondered how all of the action would get summed up in the span of five days. What could possibly go so horribly wrong on the job?

I noticed that the main character has a bit of hatred towards Wall Street. I was waiting for the connection between his anger and his situation. It didn’t hit home to me, other than the fact he was aggravated at Wall Street itself.

In addition, the main character’s name was never given, nor was the name of his wife and child, yet the rest of the characters had names.


One line I could definitely relate to because I have experienced this: The low paying jobs won’t hire me because I am overqualified and the good paying jobs are far and few between.

Kudos: Non-stop action. I did like the fast pace of the book.

However, despite the pace of the book, there are some opportunities for improvement which could have made Five Days an even better read:

More character detail: I would like to be able to vision what each character looks like, particularly the main character. What was his personality like? How could he turn from the mild mannered man who doesn’t want any trouble to this take no prisoners hero? Is hinting at his background with the Air Force really enough to convince one that he’s a lean, mean killing machine? What did the villains look like? What were the facial expressions when one of them knew he was facing death? Certain things like that would help in visualizing the action.

Formatting of dialogue: I noticed in my reading, a lot of the characters’ dialogues ran together. It made it somewhat difficult to keep up with who was whom. I don’t know whether he did it to preserve space, but it’s one of those spots where it is better not to do so. Like for example—

“Are you hungry my friend?” asked Richie. “I brought my lunch with me so I should be fine,” I replied. “Nonsense,” said Richie “I insist you come and have lunch with me in the dining hall over there…”

It would be a lot easier if it was this way:

“Are you hungry my friend?” asked Richie.
“I brought my lunch with me so I should be fine,” I replied.
“Nonsense,” said Richie. “I insist you come and have lunch with me in the dining hall over there…”

That way, visually, I’m able to easily identify who is saying what.

Proofreading: There were quite a bit of noticeable grammatical errors. The author should have taken some extra time to check his work or have someone else check it prior to publication.


My Take on Five Days: Full of potential but the gleam isn’t at optimum shine.

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