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Unleashed Speaks on Her Husband Made Her Do Him 2


Her Husband Made Her Do Him 2 by Ms. Downlow

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*Disclaimer—very strong sexual content and may not be suitable for all readers.  In addition, this review is based on the contents presented and doesn’t serve as a judgment call as it pertains to infidelity.

Before you read this review, I encourage you to check out my review on the first installment, Her Husband Made Her Do Him.


The book picks up where the last one left off—with Katlynne making her decision between “Sexy” and ATL. After she makes her decision, she seems filled with a bit of remorse as it pertains to her decision.

Although “Sexy” was chosen, he is still hurting over the pain Katlynne’s feeling about letting go of ATL. However, he does see this as a new beginning for them, and he and Katlynne are spending some time in this second installment getting to know the background on each other—the type of things you would ask about when you are just starting to date someone.

Of course, many of you are wondering why they couldn’t have just done that to begin with. However, they were both married to other people when they first started their affair. It’s a different ball game with both “Sexy” and Katlynne being free.

There were a few parts of Her Husband Made Her Do Him 2 that were a bit predictable. The first thing was that ATL was not going to give up without a fight. Once word got out that Katlynne was taking a new client under her wing, I already sensed ATL was going to be the client. It was only going to be a matter of time before the professionalism flew out the window. However, I do give them brownie points for trying.

Another one was that Cynda was not to be trusted. To me, Cynda was too nosy—too wanting to be up in someone else’s Koolaid. It was no surprise to me that some of her no good ways would start seeping to the surface once Katlynne started getting involved with “Sexy” again. Cynda always had a hidden agenda. I personally think she wanted Katlynne to experience heartbreak not just with James (the ex-husband) but any man she was with because she wanted Katlynne all to herself.

I also found myself getting a bit annoyed with Katlynne.

In the first installment, I was willing to give her a pass because she was newly exposed to the Hip Hop lifestyle.  Now, that she’s more involved in the world, I can’t pardon her naivety so easily. When one is in the business, if someone is trying to warn you against someone, you should take that advice seriously. “Sexy” had warned her that Cold Train didn’t have a great reputation and that he was up to no good. Katlynne wanted to believe Cold Train had turned himself around. She wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Yet Cold Train turned out to be bad news, and Katlynne had to find out the hard way. I’m not saying what Cold Train did was justified, but Katlynne should have exercised more caution. If it were me, I would have met at a more public location, rather than came to the guy’s house if he wanted to talk some business.

I also thought it was a bit naïve of her to think that just because Tamra and “Sexy” had an arrangement that it meant Tamra didn’t have any love left for “Sexy”. She let “Sexy” do what she wanted because she loved “Sexy”. She figured it was better to have part of him than none of him at all. Tamra and “Sexy”‘s mentality towards relationships are similar: I want the other person to be happy even if it means the other person isn’t solely with me. That is why the two of them will always have history no matter what people they move on to. Tamra has accepted that and figures, “If I can’t beat her, I might as well accept her and have some fun with her while I’m at it.”

I’m also aggravated with “Sexy”. Old habits die hard. Tamra knew what to do to draw “Sexy” in and he fell for the bait. He also let his jealousy and what he experienced in the past override his logic and trust he said he had for Katlynne. This came out when he discovered through the paper that Katlynne was representing ATL as well as when he was presented with the DVD of Katlynne and Cold Train.

Katlynne and “Sexy” continuously talk about trust but they don’t come forth with certain things at the moments when they happen. “Sexy” doesn’t confess about his episode with Tamra. Katlynne doesn’t tell right away she’s still having sex with ATL. Katlynne doesn’t say anything about what occurs with her and Tamra. I feel like saying, “Just don’t talk about it. Be about it.”

I still have a whole lot of respect for ATL. True, he did break the code by getting involved with Katlynne, but one thing he has not done (or at least it hasn’t been revealed yet) is being with another female besides Katlynne. I know some say ATL would be justified because Katlynne is messing with “Sexy”, and “Sexy” gets tempted to slip up. ATL is a decent guy, still willing to help “Sexy” after “Sexy” has messed up with Katlynne.

What man do you know would try to help the other man fix a relationship with a woman he is madly in love with?

Don’t worry; I will wait.

ATL still tries to be the understanding lover (to Katlynne, especially after what diagnosis was revealed about her) and the good friend (although “Sexy” may not think so).

I have not made a lot of comments about the steamy scenes, and trust me, there are no shortage of them in this work. I have an appreciation for this continuing to go beyond the sex and give a deeper look at the characters, particularly the character background of ATL and “Sexy”.

Just when you think this story couldn’t get any crazier, an ending occurs that will make you go “Holy sh*t!” I am not going to give it away, but it will definitely make you want to check out the third installment.


In short, Her Husband Made Her Do Him 2 is a jaw dropper that digs deeper, leaving you with more questions than answers.

Thank you for tuning in to this installment of The Review Board.  TRB is appreciative of all likes, shares, and subscribes.



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