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Unleashed Speaks…on Wordplay



Wordplay: Poetry for the Soul


Andrew Boyd: Facebook | Createspace | Amazon | Amazon: Kindle | Barnes and Nobles

Content Warning: Strong, sexual themes as well as dark imagery.  

If I could sum up Wordplay in three words, it’s “Throbbing With Intensity.”

From the strong metaphors used to the themes, each piece carries with it intensity.

The intensity to exist, echoed in “Birth of the Reborn.”

The evolution of his writing, shone in “I Vomit the Blackest Ink.”

The glory of his mind’s eye in “Psychedelic Prophylactic.”

Even a glimpse into sexuality with “Shackled Voyeurism.”

At times, I had to give myself a breather between some of the pieces, just to let the impact soak in before going on to the next one.

I want to highlight some of my personal favorites:

1. Examining the Darkness Within: I like how it starts out. “Quite interesting, really.” It starts as if he is already in the midst of a conversation, and the reader is eavesdropping. Andrew wants the person to feel his pain, his torment, his mix of pleasure and pain.

2. A Tear’s Impact: This stood out because the whole piece is filled with so much truth—very accurate representations of what a tear can symbolize.

3. Epigamic: This read to me like a dissertation that a college professor of science would give but on the subject of opposite sex interaction. Can we say detailed Dating and Sex Education 101 all in one lyrical powerhouse?


4. Too Many Carriages, Yet Not Enough Rings: This is like a mirror, reflecting all of the obstacles that prevent actual engagement and marriage from taking place—or even worse, getting the ring for all the wrong reasons.


5. Transforming Us: It was awesome the way the Transformers were used. I don’t think I will ever look at Astrotrain in quite the same way again (lol). You’ll just have to read it to believe it!


1. A lot of capitalization was in strange places, not necessarily for emphasis or personification but some editing which may have been missed. One example—the word “is” being capitalized in the middle of a stanza.

2. Also, some of the pieces don’t allow for enough “white space.” By that, I mean the balance between space and ink.

Sometimes, when there is more ink, but not enough space, the eye can either become lazy or tired, and after a while, a lot of the ink becomes meshed together.

One piece that comes to mind is “Blood Suckers” as well as “Examining the Darkness Within.”

Although punctuation was prevalent, since all of the lines were together with no spacing, it was almost as if it was one very long thought. Some extra spacing would have helped it not be as clunky.

With “Examining the Darkness Within”, I would have liked to have seen spacing between his queries (“Is it depressing?”, “Did I put myself into those scenarios?”, etc.) and his answers.  It would have made it a bit easier on the eyes.

3. Some of the poems would have flowed better as proses or short stories. One prime example would be the pieces where he talks about his date—“A Dinner Date”, “After Dinner Mint”, and “Rendezvous”. That could have been proses broken down into three acts or just one steamy short story, combining the three poems, that could stand on its’ own Almost like an “Extended Play” to make one hungry for more, towards the end of the book.

Verdict:  Overall, Wordplay definitely lives up to its’ name, and I look forward to more of his work.

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