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Unleashed Speaks…on Love is Overdue


Love Is Overdue
Natalie Myrie

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This is the first novel I have covered on The Review Board, so I did want to take my time in regards to reading it.

I really enjoyed the pace of the novel. It wasn’t too slow where you are begging for the writer to put the characters into action, but it isn’t too fast either where you are befuddled by what just happened.

I could partially relate to Gabriela in regards to her struggles with being accepted at her weight. There are men out there who have different definitions of what a “thick woman” is versus a “big woman.” The majority of my friends are male, and even they differ on the term. My closest male friend is married, and he considers his wife thick while other people who have seen them together deem her “way too big.” So it’s all about perception. I could see Gabriela blossoming through her relationship with Ben—he always deems her beautiful and lets her know how much he really desires her through actions.

Ben also expresses craving and want, but does a lousy job at really conveying love. It seemed as if he was scared of the word through most of the story.

The main thing which got Ben into trouble was how he would handle certain situations when Gabriela questioned him. One instance was what occurred with his phone and the text messages. I understand both sides of the coin.


On one end, there is an issue of privacy. If you trust someone, there’s no need to go through a person’s cell phone.

My Story:  I had my own run in where the person waited until I went to get both of us food and took the opportunity to go through my phone while it was on charger. When I got back, I got bombarded with questions. The majority of the people in there were co-workers but the person thought I was having other relationships; in the end, that’s how we fell apart.


On the other end, his responses were mad defensive, like he had something to hide. I understood he was mad, but he made it seem like Gabriela had no right to question, especially if there were some of these females he had never mentioned before. Plus, Ben also knows Gabriela’s struggles with her insecurity, so I would have liked to have seen him be a tad bit more sensitive in the situation.

Another scenario was the madness occurring with his baby’s mama and his daughter. True, Ben didn’t have to spill all the details at that moment, but he could have at least hinted at something. Instead, it looked like he was giving Gabriela the brush off, like he didn’t want to deal with her anymore. She shouldn’t have had to hear it from a very ticked off baby mama’s boyfriend.

If Ben would have given her a heads up, Gabriela would have sensed that the guy wasn’t being truthful; however, Ben’s actions gave more fuel to the boyfriend’s accusation.

Despite the struggles, Ben was able to realize, after he lost Gabriela, how much she meant to him, and they were able to come back together. It had nothing to do with any love loss on either part, but Ben had to be willing to really look at his life to see if Gabriela truly had a place in it. Yes, his dedication to his restaurant and his craft is admirable, but there’s nothing richer than to have someone who understands it and is willing to share in it with you.

Gabriela was very flexible. She wasn’t overly demanding of his time, and I really respected that about her. There are some females out there who can be that way, even after learning about someone’s hectic schedule. Gabriela understood Ben’s obligations and treasured the moments she had with him.

The sexual scenes in the novel were very detailed. I felt like I was in right there in the thick of the action. I could relate to Gabriela’s emotions—feeling elated at how enthralled Ben was with her body, even though she had experiences before when she might not have felt desired or craved.

Love Is Overdue is a wonderful read:

1. For someone who enjoys an even pace.
2. For intimate acts which mirror the emotions as well as the overall activity
3. For someone who enjoys seeing a character, bound by slight image insecurity and obligation, really begin to blossom.
4. For someone who believes that despite the challenges, Love can really conquer all.

The Epilogue had a lingering effect, which does have me wondering if there is going to be sequel.

Thanks for checking out The Review Board. I know it has been a little while, but I think it was definitely worth the wait. Appreciative of all the likes, shares, and subscribes.



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3 comments on “Unleashed Speaks…on Love is Overdue

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  2. Natalie Myrie
    April 1, 2013

    Thank you Monica for taking the time to read my book and leave your review… very much appreciated 😉

  3. nolabels
    August 3, 2013

    You are welcome!

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