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Unleashed Speaks…on Elle’s Tales: Dirty Rice (Kween)



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Elle’s Tales: Dirty Rice by Kween (part of the Naughty Gras anthology)

The two things that stand out the most about Kween’s “Dirty Rice” are the complexity of the characters and erotic scenes at every turn.

In the beginning, Lance is painted out as the man who is mourning over his wife’s worsening medical condition. When he is able to sexually connect with Elle so quickly, you are almost thrown off at the quickness and the tenacity of it. It makes one see him in a different light.

Then, as the story begins to unfold, one realizes that he and his wife are in the process of a divorce and he’s trying to be there for her due to the sickness. It doesn’t really make it any less improper, but those on the outside may not be as harsh after knowing the circumstances.

Elle, initially try to resist Lance’s advancements, but as the story went on, the sexual attraction was just too great. Sure, she felt guilty about the circumstances (the ex-wife dying, he not being officially divorced yet), but it takes a back seat to feeling the ultimate orgasms she is experiencing from Lance. Even reminding herself of the situation doesn’t stop the episodes from happening again and again.

Elle intrigues me. She seems to be “Straight, No Chaser”. She doesn’t want the emotional attachments. She wants her pleasure on her own terms. Her aggression tinged with undertones of male energy.

The final interaction between her and Lance brought everything to light.

I could really relate to Lance that he didn’t want to indulge in something intimate with Elle where he and his soon-to-be ex-wife had been at their happiest. I guess that’s the sentimentalist in me.

So I know he was taken aback when Elle said she didn’t care. It is kind of similar to a guy saying, “I want to get my nut, and I don’t care where it happens at.”

I think it was a combination of a role reversal as well as the fact he had developed a type of emotional attachment to Elle that made Lance react in such a away, with some of his statements, particularly about Elle’s need to be “in control” hitting home.

Then, Lance got even more of a shocker when he realized his sister Collette had a mentality similar to Elle when it came to sex. It shattered the illusion he had of her, and it really painted him as a hypocrite when he deemed Collette’s actions as whorish.

The sex scenes—Zane Worthy.  One should definitely check out this read based on the sex scenes alone.

There’s definitely an elaborate detailing and vivacity that makes the Summer Heat from Kween’s “Ninety Days” seem like a flicker from a Bic lighter.

Yet prepare to leave your judgments on adultery and casual sex at the door, for it will taint you from a phenomenal erotic experience.

Side Note: If you cannot do that and be appreciative for the action at hand, then I will admit that Dirty Rice may be a bit too seasoned for your palate.

As for myself, it was quite the satisfying dish.

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I am in the process of reading a novel, so there will be a bit of a gap as far as the next review as it pertains to anything written.  In the meantime, there will be some reviews on some movies until my assessment of the novel is completed.

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