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Unleashed Speaks…on In Gods’ Hands (Jessa Callaver)

In Gods' Hands

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In Gods’ Hands
Jessa Callaver

The title drew me in, I must admit.

The story begins with Cassie, a woman who is suffering from the loss of her relationship with Tommaso, due to his being unfaithful. All of this happening during carnival in Italy.

Drowning one’s sorrow in wine does seem to make perfect sense. Not sure how wise it is to ride around on a scooter while slightly wasted, though.

Cassie finds out the hard way as her scooter makes a turn and almost hits a guy (Troy) in the process.

Although Troy is willing to let it slide, his friend Victor seems madder than fish grease and is a little less than forgiving. I wondered if it was the alcohol talking in this case or was he really a bit more than Troy’s friend.

So my curiosity was peaked at the interaction.

Plus, the interest intensified at Victor’s reaction to Troy continuing to want to keep Cassie company. To me, since they didn’t quite seem to know their way back to the hotel, and Cassie was a bit of a local, the tag-along made sense.

But Victor was still acting a bit of a fool—almost like a jealous lover.

Hmm…rubs chin.

Things get very interesting once Troy and Cassie get back to the hotel. The sexual tension between the two is very thick.

Cassie believes she is the one who has the upper hand in the art of seduction, but she soon gets a proper lesson from Troy who is really the boss.

Hints of exhibition plus love in an elevator. Hot!

Then, another twist occurs once Cassie and Troy finally make it to the hotel room. Vivid intense scenes of oral pleasure and makes one think that surely, phallic fulfillment is going to occur next.

I Knew Something Funky was going on!

I Knew Something Funky was going on!

But Victor gets involved in the play as well, making me say, “I knew something was up!”

Even I couldn’t deny how shocking and thrilling this scene was.

True, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I give it props for its’ shock value.

Even Cassie is shocked but can’t bring herself to be disgusted for very long. In fact, I think it makes the experience even more intense for her.

Just when I thought this tale couldn’t get more twisted, then the ex shows up. He’s upset because of her interaction with Troy. Then, there’s a line-“…didn’t want this to be another job.”

Whoa! The whole thing was a set up, just so they could rob Troy and Victor for money.

I found myself aggravated, but even I fell for the set up—the whole damsel in distress routine.

Yet, I’m still wondering, “Where in the hizzle does the Gods’ reference come from?”

Then, everything starts falling into place. Cassie and Tommaso have messed with the wrong two! I found myself nodding.

“Yeah, that’s what you get! Gods don’t like ugly!”

“They gone learn today!”–well, I couldn’t resist throwing the Cleveland bus driver reference in there….

The action that followed—hot, erotic, and extremely twisted, especially the letter that Troy (the God) left Cassie.

It lingered—I almost feel like there should be a continuation, like what happens with Tommaso and Cassie during the nine months.

But this piece of work can also stand on its’ own without a continuation for the reader to develop his/her own sequel.

I’m glad I was put In Gods’ Hands today—complex characters, stories, and sensual eroticism perfectly blended all in one place.

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