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Unleashed Speaks…on Breaking Dawn: Part Two

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Warning: This does contain a spoiler, but trust me, I mention it for a reason.

Confession: I have a fascination with vampires.

Vampires have been painted out in so many ways. To me, there is a certain level of creativity associated with them.

Vampires can be painted out as monsters who show no mercy—blood thirsty and take no prisoners. They can also be painted out as almost human—conflicted, having the capability to love. They can also be painted out as downright sexy and erotic.


I admit to finding Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the Francis Ford Coppola version) very sexy.

Although it wasn’t Keanu Reeves’ strongest role (cue The Matrix), Anthony Hopkins as Professor Van Helsing and Gary Oldman as Dracula…that was hot!

Also, the connection between Winona Ryder (Mina) and Gary Oldman (Dracula)—goodness!

(jots down—do a review on Bram Stoker’s Dracula in the future along with Interview With The Vampire)



I admit I haven’t read the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer, but I have been following the movies. This is another one where following the movies does make me want to secure the books.

In the start of Breaking Dawn, part two, it starts off with Bella gaining her strength back after being turned into a vampire and adjusting to her new abilities.

The thing which threw me off is how comfortable she is in her new role as being a vampire, like instant comfort. The heightened strength and abilities.

I don’t know. I guess I expected a bit more regret that she lost her humanity. A bit more awkwardness in getting adjusted to her new powers. That part felt a bit rushed to me.

Also, in Part Two, Jacob is really starting to get the point that his true soul mate is Bella’s child, who he’s imprinted on, and not Bella.

It’s a bit twisted in the way; he used to want Renesmee’s mom but he’s destined to be with Renesmee. That would mean that he would be Edward and Bella’s son-in-law upon marriage.

Just insanely twisted, but even with that, I felt a bit uneasy at the resignation that he couldn’t have Bella, since he remained defiant over the union, even a little bit in Breaking Dawn, part one.


Then, the Volturi getting word that Renesmee could be seen as a threat to vampire mankind (thinking she was made vampire rather than being born) and getting other vampires to witness for the Cullens took up a lot of the movie.

Although it was great to see other vampires and their abilities, I did feel like there could have been a more effective way than getting all of the vampires together. Plus, some of the abilities the vampires had made me think of X-Men more so than actual vampires, so that threw me off a bit as well.

The most exciting part of this movie was the fight scene with the Volturi, the vampires, and the wolves. I was really getting into all of it. Some of the graphics were a little intense for something rated PG, but it fit with the graveness of the situation.

And just when I was about to cheer at the “off with his head” sequence, it was revealed that this whole fight sequence was simply a vision.


What in the sam blam hell?

A visionary fight? Are you serious?

That took a bit of the oomph out of the most exciting part of the movie.

And of course if you see a vision that you are going to meet your death, even with your great numbers, you are going to rethink your strategy which is what the Volturi did.

In my opinion, New Moon and Eclipse were the best of the Twilight movie series.

Breaking Dawn, part two, could have served as a phenomenal end to a great series. However, it fell flat to me, and I do admit I was a bit disappointed, like all of that waiting was in vain, besides the last 30 minutes of action.

Advice: Even if it gets re-launched in the theater, wait until it is available on Netflix, cable TV even.

I am going to check the books, particularly this last one, because from the avid book readers, I hear quite a bit was finagled with, perhaps to the detriment of the movie.

That concludes my review.  As always, thanks for stopping by, and by all means, like, share, and subscribe.


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