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Unleashed Speaks…on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day
Jason Patrick Perry

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I am into many different types of books, mainly to satisfy different aspects of my personality.

hugOpenly, I can be a bit cynical, but in private, I do enjoy a really good love story.

Unashamedly, I am a big fan of anything concerning horror. My all time favorite author is Stephen King.

What does that have to do with this story? If you give me a little bit of time, it will all make sense, I promise you.

When I read the first part of this book, it reminded me of those awkward junior high type school dances. You are in that in between type stage. You’re interested in the opposite sex, but not quite sure where to go with it yet.

Then, as the night went on, people slowly started to enjoy themselves.

Then, there’s that one guy, trying to muster up courage. He may look a bit nerdy. Maybe the guy who constantly got picked on or never fit in, but there is this person he thinks is the most beautiful and magnificent girl on the face of the planet. The inner critic says, “You have no chance on getting the girl,” but he is feeling a bit brave.

Blame it on the Prom magic or the Prom punch (which may have been spiked).

He tries to compliment her; it doesn’t quite resonate. Then, he’s thinking, “Flowers always does the trick, especially roses.”

Not only does she not accept the roses, she insults the guy, throws the flowers in his face. Then, everyone stops what they are doing to see the fall out.

I kept thinking of that scene when Carrie got the pig blood dumped on her after she had been made Homecoming Queen; everyone staring and laughing.

“They’re all gonna laugh at you…”

Everyone laughing at the guy.

Carrie got revenge in her way.

But does the guy?

I’m immediately straight up not liking Lacey’s stuck up, mean ass. Seriously, a wishing someone would turn her whole life upside down type not liking.

But that’s the vigilante in me.

Let’s get back to the review.

Fast forward thirteen years later. Lacey starts randomly receiving roses. It isn’t a surprise to me that it is the guy from thirteen years ago.

This part of Valentine’s Day reminds me a little bit of Scream when she is on the phone with the guy and he hints that he is in fact watching her.

Just when I think the story is about to go one way (continuous stalking of Lacey by Bryson to the death), there is the introduction of Lacey’s friend, Stacy and what occurs when the two of them got invited to the dancehall.

A bond begins to form between Stacy and Lacey’s stalker.


This is what I would deem a “what the hizzle moment”.

If I let one of my friends know that a guy was making my life miserable, yet you start trying to date that same dude, I am not quite sure how much of a friendship we would have left.


Maybe that’s just me.

Then, another twisted thing begins to happen.

I have experienced it firsthand. The first time around I am interested in a guy, he gives me the cold shoulder. I end up being with someone else, and that same guy who thought I was looking like Celie in The Color Purple thinks I’m as fabulous as Jill Scott (to me, with or without the extra thickness, she’s still fine) now starts sniffing around.

Cue Mike Jones….

So, I guess you’ve already put two and two together. Now it’s no longer this whole guy getting revenge on girl. It’s now girl is wanting guy, so now serious hate on the other girl.


I’m not going to give away the ending, but all I’m going to say is that towards the end, Lacey is exposed as being deeper than just the selfish, mean girl.

The action in Valentine’s Day kept the pages turning. The only part that did get a tiny bit redundant after a while was the constant appearance of the roses. I understood that it was driving home the point—to remember back thirteen years ago. The twist was definitely unexpected, although I would have been content to see the whole Lacey/Bryson torture thing play out.

This book also made me wonder about the mental and emotional makeup of the characters.

For instance, there are some guys who wouldn’t have sweated Lacey’s rejection. They would have brushed it off and have lived to fight another day. What was it about Lacey that brought Bryson to the breaking point—to where he thought his whole life was ruined and he had to start over? Did he get in some type of trouble? Did he have a breakdown? That was a loose end that I did wonder about.

Side Note: What is Bryson’s favorite tune?

thinking face

Then, there is Stacy. I know some say that you can’t help who you love, but how can you catch feelings for a guy who’s been stalking your friend? It makes me feel like there was a bit of history beforehand between Stacy and Bryson, even though it’s not mentioned in the book. I would have at least asked him about the stuff, even if he were to lie about it. It seemed like Stacy didn’t even believe Lacey. It sounded suspect—almost made me feel like Stacy was in on the torture.

I went through a myriad of emotions when it came to Lacey. I despised her for her rejection of Bryson. I started to feel a slight bit of sympathy for her once she lost her car, her house got foreclosed on, and she lost her job. However, why didn’t she call the cops and let them know before things got out of hand? Perhaps she wanted the torture in some twisted way, or maybe I’m just reading a little bit too much into the madness. I don’t know—something’s mentally and emotionally broken in her tail, too.


The one thing I did want to see more of is some description in what the characters looked like. For me, even a small description helps me to envision what the person looks like, or in this case, what types of crazy am I dealing with.

Did Bryson look like a disaster and become a hottie in his later years? I found myself wondering about that.

What made Lacey so beautiful? Was it her eyes? Her flowing hair? Her body? Just what type of visual made Bryson go on a stalker spree?

Also, the dialogue, although animated, in spots seemed to be child like. The banter seemed back from the scene in 2000, although it’s thirteen years later and all of the characters are adult. Similar to a parent arguing with a teenager who’s had a bad day.

Parent: “You feel like talking about it, kiddo?”
Kid: “Don’t call me, kiddo. Leave me alone!”
Parent: “I may be able to help…”
Kid: “Mom, stay out of it. Leave me alone!”


Although the initial flow was not quite what I anticipated, I think Valentine’s Day is worth the read due to the twists and turns and the character complexity. I will definitely peep some of his other stories—both old and new.

Thanks for riding with me on this latest review.  Appreciate all of the likes, shares, and subscribes!


About nolabels

I have an appreciation for the unique, love for all types of art, and fierce attractions to brilliant intellectuals (from book smarts to street smarts). Lover of humanity but feel humans have lost their way, just trying to stay true to myself as conformity threatens to take me away. Simply one head, many crowns: Author. Reviewer. Columnist.

3 comments on “Unleashed Speaks…on Valentine’s Day

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  2. JayPatrickPerry
    February 27, 2013

    Thank you. I appreciate the review, very much. The reason why I left some stuff out of the story is because I was honestly contemplating a flashback story and how everything lead up the stalking and revenge, etc.

  3. Andrew
    April 18, 2013

    “Fatal Attraction” meets “Romeo and Juliet” meets “Holy Crap on a Cracker!!”

    Those that know me KNOWS that I will be Brutally Honest whenever I read anything that I Am presented or find. And “Valentine’s Day will be NO Different.

    I was suggested by Ms. No Labels to give this story a read. 78 pages long on my PDF, and I knocked it out in about 2 hours. I agree with NL when she compared the start of the story with “Carrie”; similar to the Classic Horror minus the Bucket of Porky’s blood and mass murder. Poor guy WAS putting on his Big Boy undies as he did what he did. What did he get for his troubles? Thorns in his eyes, rejection, humiliation, and utter embarrassment. From there, due to the fast forward, we go into “Fatal Attraction”. The roses are indeed Overkill, and the stalking was a nice thing to see. I was expecting someone to Get Got.

    Sadly, I was heartbroken to not see anyone die at that point. Damn…

    As the story progressed, it hit me:


    Then The Story started going into some wildly mind blowing tangents that left me Dazed and EXTREMELY Confused. The inconsistencies in the flow of the story are apparent, the grammar is in Desperate Need of TLC, and LORD KNOWS where the descriptive details are located because THERE ISN’T ANY!!!

    What is everyone’s nationality, race, etc.? Is there a booger in a nose? Does anyone has a “Phantom of the Opera” mask to hide a deformed appearance? GIVE ME SOMETHING!!!

    The way it read (with all of the holes and nothing plugging them up, for clarity would have been FANTASTIC), I swear that I was reading a Story that was written on and made of Swiss Cheese.

    “Valentine’s Day” is classed as a Horror: I was scared out of My Mind reading such a badly constructed and rushed story. It was rushed because there were not enough eyes on this story to point out the grammatical errors that would have made H.S. teachers and College Professors cringe, and then give it a D (There would have been points for creativity, not causing an F as an end result). Let me say it like this:

    If we were in literary class in a prestigious university, where we are told that we had the entire semester to write a story of our design, this would be the story that a procrastinator would turn in with 12 Hours remaining before the deadline.

    Overall, “Valentine’s Day” is a Pass for me personally. Reading it once was more than enough to tell me that more work IS necessary before I read anything else From this writer. I received this copy for free: I WILL catch flak for saying what I am about to say, but Free is still pricey when it comes to this story.

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