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Unleashed Speaks…on As The Budda Flows



As The Budda Flows
Angela Lykebudda White

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Despite all of the ups and downs, I still believe the pursuit of Love is still worth it.

This is the underlying message I feel is conveyed from As The Budda Flows. Angela Lykebudda White shares her own journey dealing with Love, taking one through all the steps, from questioning if he is definitely the one to the crash when the relationship doesn’t pan out.

Some people when going through heartache do become bitter. With some people, that bitterness can even stick and render the person not to find happiness again.

What I pick up from Angela’s poetic collection is she is open to all of the lessons, even the painful ones, and is determined to not let it be a lasting part of her blueprint.

My Favorite Pieces:

A Reality Check For Me—The realization that she deserves the best; the line that caught my attention:

“just cancel my membership 2 ya bullshit
I’ve had enough of being number 2”

Beautiful Sunrise—Reflection of a deep connection; it puts me in the mind frame of Rhianna’s “Diamonds”

Crave—Sensual hunger; erotic joy ride

Escape—Query as to whether Love’s deluding her; I can relate to this so strongly

Minus My Fear—Reflection that old hurts and haunts can try to interfere in a Love that probably isn’t even broken; the fight to quiet the past so that it doesn’t affect the present.

A Heads Up:  The only thing that may catch some off guard, from a visual standpoint, is how some of the poems are in regular print while others are in full caps. Usually, full caps tend to represent yelling or emphasis, and it may cause a reader to get put off if he/she gets caught up in the visual.

For me, I am one who is more interested in the richness of the content, and I can ignore the full caps if I the content satisfies my mental appetite.

With this collection, I am temporarily full but I do await more of what Angela has in store.

Once you get your hands on this, you, too, will crave more Budda.

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