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Unleashed Speaks…on Rendezvous:A Short Story


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Rendezvous: A Short Story (Kindle Edition)

Rendezvous: A Short Story (download)

Title: Rendezvous: A Short Story
Author: Perri Forrest
Content: Erotica, Romance
Format: e-book

Synopsis: The daughter of a power couple, Gabriella is confident, driven, successful, and knows what she wants. Each year, Gabriella travels to Brazil, her second home since childhood. These trips are both business and pleasure and where for years, Gabriella indulges in a sexy, secret life…secret, until now, that is.

“I have loved limousine rides since my very first one—prom night, 10 years ago…”

This is the first line from Perri Forrest’s latest short erotic story, Rendezvous.

I could relate to the first line, because I, too, love a limo ride, although I didn’t get the pleasure until much later.

So I’m thinking of the advantages, like not worrying about navigating through traffic, plush seats, and then the first snap shots of other acts that can be done in the limo come to play.

The imagery makes me smile, and also gives me a few ideas next time I decide to rent a limo (jots down).

But spice up the bedroom ideas aside, Perri Forrest does a wonderful job in intermingling sensual without being intensely blatant.

I feel people have a deep misconception about erotica.

Some believe if they put together enough words for the male private, enough words together for the female private, and string together some overt curse words that there all there is to it.

Yes, one may have described a sex scene, possibly from a porno with cheesy music that focuses on the money shot.

But if you think that is entirely what erotica is, then you and others are selling erotica short.

It takes skill to be able to create chemistry on the page when you cannot see it. Just like a woman doesn’t want to have sex with every man she sees, it doesn’t really make much sense to have a female jump a man’s bones without the chemistry being painted in some way.

Perri does an wonderful job in painting Gabriella’s (the central character’s) connection with Robert while keeping the heat going in the first chapter. She also does a wonderful job of intermingling the twist (the exposure) during Gabriella’s trip in Brazil as well as backtracking her history with Ken.

In an actual novel, one can have many chapters in order to get all of this laid out.

However, in a short story, there is a certain length one has to work with. One has to strike a balance between being detailed, having the plot play out (whether to some form of closure…or as a hint of more to come), character development, and especially in erotica, have enough heat to keep the pages turning.

Rendezvous: The Short Story is the epitome of having all of these things in balance. I also found myself chuckling at some of the dialogue, particularly in response to one of the inbox messages that Gabriella received from Robert, announcing how he had successfully completed his self-love session.

Her response, “What the hell? Who does that? Does he think that’s a turn on?”

If I was there, I would tell Gabriella, “More men than you think.”

Rendezvous also leaves an aura of mystery concerning some of the other characters, mainly because towards the end, there is a bit of fast forwarding. I wondered about the adventures of the other characters:

How did Valentina and Alexio finally get to the next stage after so many years?

Will Natalia finally find her dream man?

How has Robert been adjusting since Gabriella’s news? (I don’t want to give too much away)

What prompted the development of Goodie Bagg?

However, I think all of those answers will spill forth in Rendezvous: The Novel, which is set to come out in March.

Until then, I will allow my appetite to be whetted by Perri’s wonderful read!

Get your copy now—also available via Kindle as well as download.

summer heat pic

Perri is also featured in the erotic anthology Summer Heat, also available on download (smashwords) and Kindle.  I will definitely be providing my review on Summer Heat, after my reading of all the works.

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10 comments on “Unleashed Speaks…on Rendezvous:A Short Story

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  2. PerriForrest
    February 8, 2013

    I am truly humbled. It removes thoughts of “not measuring up”, and makes me want to go harder for the full length story – and beyond. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. Wow!

    • nolabels
      February 11, 2013

      Perri, you are quite welcome! Thanks for taking time to stop by and read the review. It means a lot!

      • PerriForrest
        February 11, 2013

        No worries. You have shown me so much love and as much as possible, I want to reciprocate that. You didn’t have to take the time to write such a lengthy review of my story, and that means a lot. I posted your link yesterday to my timeline. I’m just getting to the point where I’m accepting and extending friend requests, so as that list grows, I will add it again 🙂

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