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Unleashed Speaks…on I Have Come Forth By Day

Greetings, Wonderful Word Pressers:

I know The Review Board has primarily been focused on movies.  However, I also have a soft spot for books, especially by poets.  Therefore, I would like to share with everyone my views on this poetry collection by Chantay Legacy Leonard entitled I Have Come Forth By Day: A Woman’s Evolution. Forward is provided by the wonderfully talented Jessica Care Moore of Moore Black Press.


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Chantay and I first interacted with each other on an old poetry site called Fireseek, which later on became Urban Poetic.

Although neither one of those sites are in existence anymore, she and I still connect via Facebook.

Years ago, during our Fireseek/Urban Poetic days, I asked her when she would come out with her own book of poetry.

Let’s just say, “The Wait is Over.”

If you are looking something light and powder puff, you have definitely come to the wrong spot.

As my grandmother would say, this got some “oomph to it”.

These poems are snapshots of not only Legacy’s personal journey but the journey of others who have gone through similar pain.

Some of the pieces, like “Red on White Cotton—pt. 1 and 2” as well as “Letter to My Father”, I had to just stop and take deep breaths.

“Letter to My Father” made me reflect on my own father being absent for my life as well as my own letter I wrote to him, which ended up getting returned.

“Red on White Cotton” I could find myself identifying with due to my own experiences with abuse. Although through the pain, you get stronger; it’s one of those things you never fully heal from. It’s like a glaring scar upon the soul.

Legacy also reflects on her battles involving Love. The themes of Seeking, Frustration, Admiration, Celebration, and Friction in relationships are universal and very relatable.

What I admire most about this poetry collection is how much reverence she has for her fellow woman. She encourages women to embrace their power and to not let themselves be disrespected.

One of my favorite stanzas is in “Open Letter to a Sister”, where Legacy scribes:

You are not the shit.
God did not design you in waste.
You are the Universe
Compacted into curved body and brilliant mind.
How dare you paint your landscape so lackluster?
Mediocrity was never intended for you.
Settling is non-negotiable.
You have no asking price.

For truthful depictions of pain and survival…

For transformation from victim to survivor…

For advocacy of sisterhood and celebration of self

For vivid portraits of Love and the never ending twists and turns of Its’ tapestry

I Have Come Forth By Day: A Woman’s Evolution serves as a welcome addition to any library.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Feel free to read, share, and by all means, subscribe!  Spread the word about The Review Board.


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